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<nettime> Z K P 4 - Dear Nettimers - all_clear_signal

O N L Y  1 4   D A Y S   L E F T   F O R   S U B M I T T I N G   T O   Z K P 4

Dear Nettimers,

 quite a long time since i wrote a letter to all of you. it happens mostly
 when a machine went down, an event is waiting, or the flux is exploding or
 fading out. all of this may be true but this time it is something else.

 you may have recognized my amusing/confusing manoeuvres to evoke a kind of
 sensitivity or at least reflexivity about the urge to post after a series
 of electronic ego expansions. Maybe it was induced by a creativity boost
 during the last solar flares? i don't want to blame individuals here, but
 it seems that the list needs some strong attractors to get back on track:

(-) instead of stating a long list of what is good and bad, meditating with you
    about the categorical imperative of spamming, complaing about the social
    effects of egoland, measuring the productive difference between The
    Well dialogues and nettime monologues, seeking for social context as 
    content control, do simply get a life off the screen, seek for the seasonal
    highs and lows of an 'esprit de la liste', installing a semi-automatic bozo
    filter, establishing a god's eye of correct jargon, fighting a holy war
    against ideological ghosts, trying hard to really communicate and come
    together, trying even harder to follow the subterranean threads or even the
    main vectors of argumentation, trying to understand the tao of e-mail or
    dreaming about pushing the big red moderator button - instead of all these
    tasks for the electronic sisyphos, i think that the golden path runs just
    next to us.

(+) ZKP4 is still in the making! participate with a small but dense text!
    as you already know, we have a different format this time. shorter textes,
    higher circulation. in fact we aim at a distribution of 10.000 in rotation
    print. It will go from Ljubljana to different confs and exhibitions - as
    a 'give away'. Even if we already have a backbone of longer essays and
    are still contacting authors privatly. Every Nettimer should feel the duty
    to at least add a little exquisite text-object to the collection.

    we have already detected a grid of the following 'planes' :

(=) net.art / NGO debate / social interfaces / the free content debate / a
    push critique / the crisis of representation / global network ethics /
    ascii-jazz /  property-privacy-ecology / technification of politics /
    millenial cults / digital artisans / slackworks / spiritual information /
    financial cyberspace / history of cybernetics / local net.folklore /
    forbidden sciences / interobjectivity / free groupware / net.cultural
    studies /// classics / interviews / manifestoes / transclusions / quotes
    / urban myths / city reports / net letters / book reviews / website
    stories / digital diaries / computer generated poetry / perl scripts /
    haikus / benchmark lists / idea schedules / logo.gifs.. /

                **** YOUR FAVORITE TEXT SHOULD NOT MISS IT ****

                     S:  1 Screen,   200 Words, <1200 bytes
                     M:  2 Screens,  400 Words, <2500 bytes
                     L:  4 Screens,  800 Words, <5000 bytes
                    XL:  8 Screens, 1600 Words, <10000 bytes
                   XXL: 12 Screens, 2500 Words, <16000 bytes

                **** THE DEADLINE IS THE SECOND OF MAY 1997 ****

         post it to : zkp4@ljudmila.org, pit@contrib.de, geert@xs4all.nl
         with a descriptive subject like starting with smth like "ZKP4"


 some technical stuff: // the mail-server-down was caused by some
 unreproduceable errors which Robby the machinist <rfb@desk.nl> found
 the other day // if you like to get alt.nettime via news-nttp and take
 part in the nettime-next-generation-program please contact Max Kossatz
 <max@thing.at> to join the nettime newsserver nettwork. // if you want to
 take part in the nettime-techie-club which will debate open office
 standards based on free software (and how to upgrade a mailinglist while
 meeting in Ljubljana for f2f talk) then please write me a mail. // and if
 you are a New Nettimer (like from the last 3 months) you may have questions,
 please feel free to fwd them to the nettime-owner@icf.de, whatever comes
 up. // please more rants, complains, critiques, comments on what you think
 about the current status of the list // be responsible, be net-critical


T H E  N E T T I M E  S P R I N G  C O N F  L J U B L J A N A  2 3 - 2 5 - 5
B E A U T Y  A N D  T H E  E A S T  -  G O  S L O  -  N G O  N O !   1 9 9 7

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