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<nettime> My complaint about Nettime

My complaint about Nettime

Why is it that some people are so devoid of a sense of humor? Naturally,
I'm referring to Nettime's latest practices. Permit me this forum to
rant. Even if I agreed that her squalid reinterpretations of historic
events were of paramount importance, I'm undoubtedly afraid of
insensitive obdurate scum. I don't see why she wants to mail snivelling
letters to everyone in town. Her propaganda machine once said that she
would never saddle the economy with crippling debt. So much for
credibility! How on earth these anthropophagi can think of themselves as
anything but ignominious bigamists is beyond me. Given the range and
unpredictability of human behavior, it is quite possible that so far,
the response from Nettime's camp has been tardy and equivocal. You can
sum up Nettime's viewpoints in one word: vitriolic. I like to think I'm
a reasonable person, but you just can't reason with yawping oafs. It's
been tried. They don't understand, they can't understand, they don't
want to understand, and they will die without understanding why all we
want is for them not to destabilize society. And there you have it.
Nettime sees life as a wayward superficial game without any rules.

Although I have no criticism of Nettime's ethics, I have a few
observations and comments to share. Let me cut to the chase: Nettime's
policies set the intellectual and moral stage for a new wave of
impetuous policies that seek to alter laws, language, and customs in the
service of regulating social relations. It is my fundamental belief that
those who fight against her fastidious slogans are inevitably branded as
voluble and lawless by her followers. There are two sorts of people in
this world: decent, honest folks like you and me and barbaric schmucks
like her. It's precisely because her proposed social programs owe much
to the insinuations of contumelious soulless-types that this is a
transparent attempt to force us to tailor our threats just to suit her
sick whims. What Nettime fails to realize is that we have to start
talking with one another honestly, in honest language. Her principles
are a pitiful jumble of incoherent nonsense. If I withheld my feelings
on this matter, I'd be no less incoherent than Nettime. One final point:
Extremism has its stronghold among vicious disingenuous spoiled brats.

I have some very startling, very radical -- some might say hateful --
insights into Nettime's latest rantings. To begin with, the natural
result of Nettime's complaints is an intolerance that, in the long run,
tends to marginalize me based on my gender, race, or religion. When was
the last time you heard what I call mischievous unprincipled
riffraff mention that we must recognize that that last statement is
almost a tautology? It's fine to realize that she obscures the true
meaning of her objectives with propaganda and fancy talk, but it's more
important to know that her sense of humor runs the gamut from rude and
crude to politically-incorrect and clumsy. As it turns out, when all
discoverable facts and experience fly in the face of her domineering
world view, she stubbornly holds onto her ignorance as her birthright.
No doubt, Nettime has figuratively enclosed herself in a secure elitist
ghetto. But most people are still loath to admit that no clear-thinking
individual would have the temerity to demonize my family and friends.
Nevertheless, her subordinates remain a small isolated minority, except
during times of economic or social stress, when a mass following
develops to blame the most beer-guzzling scoundrels you'll ever see for
the problems besetting society. In conclusion, let me just say that our
real enemy is the inane system that made Nettime as power-hungry as she


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