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Dear Nettime user,
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  The Nettime Team

As an additional and free service our new and improved 
OK-bot selected the following daily cookie for you:

> E-lists
> In most listserver software, the Send-To-yourself parameter defaults to
> send-to-all. This results in pollution of the list by respondents who
> are unaware of the impact of the 'send' function. Many list-managers
> are unaware of the existence of this parameter, let alone its default
> setting. Listservers need to have neo-liberal defaults, and
> list-manager interfaces that walk the 'newbie' list-manager through the
> decisions that they need to make in order to establish a private e-list.
> People who wish report their physical existence onto e-lists frequently
> send their messages to the list rather than the administrative address.
> Such messages (whether syntactically correct or not) need to be detected
> by the listserv, and deflected from the list to the list-management
> software and/or the list-manager.
> There appear to be limited options between unmoderated and fully
> moderated. Bozo-Filters are needed, such that messages that fail some basic
> filtering tests are deflected to the list-manager for approval. Examples
> of such tests include multiple occurrences of 'flame'-words, occurrences
> of 'spam'-indicative strings (e.g. 'special offer'), attachments,
> length, semantic surveillance and postings by non-subscribers. 

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