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<nettime> Application

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a job in the arts. This is my CV.


Born in Arnhem 1969
Address: Roelof Droststraat 34  3523 KC Utrecht 
Tel: 030 - 280 56 69


1996-1997	Evening classes in Journalism at the FORUM department
of the School of Journalism in Utrecht.
1991- 1996 	Master Degree in History of Art at the Utrecht University
(NL). Thesis about Knowbotic Research.

1996:		Work experience Places:
                                1: At Museum Henriette Polak in Zutphen (NL).
                                    - Composed an exhibition.
                                    - Wrote the exhibition folder and
                                    - Gave guided tours to highschool classes.
1995:		2: At the Springtijfestival, a small festival for electronic art at
EKKO, a cultural                                     center for young people
in Utrecht (NL). 
                                    - Made a WWW- site for the Springtijfestival
                                    - Gave a lecture about Women and Art in
Cyberspace.		                                                - Wrote the
festival folder and newspaper reports.
                                    - Composed the exhibition and lecture
1989-1990:	Psychology at the Utrecht University (NL).
1982-1989:	VWO (highschool for scholars who will go to university) at the
Elshofcollege in                                 Nijmegen (NL).


Feb. 1996:	Gave a lecture about Women and Art  in cyberspace at Nobel in
Delft (NL).
1994-1995:	Did guided tours at the Rietveld-Schr`derhuis in Utrecht. 
1994:		Did guided tours at the Gemeentemuseum in Arnhem (NL) and the Dome of
Trier                                 (Germany).
1994:		Organized excursions at Stichting Art (Student organization
of the Faculty of Art History of the Utrecht University).
1994:		Custodian at the Traject- art exhibition (Utrecht) and 				Gallery
KIEM (Utrecht).
1993:		Talentscout at the AVE-festival in Arnhem: I had to select
audiovisual works of art from Austria and I had to promote
the AVE-festival in Austria. I also did the administration for
the Austrian section and the subsidies.
1992-1993:	Organized lectures for Stichting Art.
1992-1993:	Decoration at the Nederlandse Filmdagen in Utrecht.


1996/97:		Article about Women and Art in Cyberspace for Lover.
1996/97:		Article about Knowbotic Research for BLVD.
1996:		Edited the Book of Abstracts of the International 					Symposium on
Electronic Art 1996.
1996:		Wrote information texts and a folder for the Nan
Platvoet-exposition at the Henriette Polakmuseum in
1995:		Springtij-folder for EKKO.
1995:		Wrote two articles for WAVE, technotrend (Wired-like) 				magazine
about V2-organisation en Wiretap 1.2.
1995:		Article for Pailou about Wiretap 1.2.
1993:		Edited synopsis for the AVE (Audio Visual Experimental
International Art) Festival- Catalogue in Arnhem.
1993:		Article in Alledaagse Dingen (a Dutch magazine) about 				Popartists
1992:		Article in Vijgeblad (Magazine for the Univeristy History of
Arts students) about  the artist Rob Jansen.
1989-1990:	Editor of Fakblad, studentmagazine of the faculty of
Psychology of the Utrecht University.


October 1996 - today:	I am working on a Windows 95 helpdesk at Digital
Utrecht which concern different Microsoft products.
Sep/Oc 1996:		Datatypist and administration work.
Jul/Aug. 1995:		Kibbutzwork in Nazareth, Israel.
1986 - 1996:		Waitress and Catering work at several restaurants like De
Biltse Hoek, De Griffel, Slot Zeist, Postiljon Motel, Torbijn, 						Van
Hecke, SAB, ECS.
1986- 1996:			Different small jobs like: convoyer belt, cleaning, promotion,
storage- and cash work.

Windows 95 (plus)
MS Word, 
MS Publisher
MS Powerpoint,
MS Access
MS Excel
MS Exceed
MS Schedule+
MS Business Objects
MS Exchange (inbox)
MS Explorer
MS Schedule+	

Netscape Navigator
Macafee Virusscan
Timbuktu Pro
KEA Emulator for VAX servers
Irma Emulator for IBM Mainframe

I am also familiar with other programs:
MS Comic Chat
Northon Disk Doctor
(Windows 3.1)
Perfect Office with
WP Presentations
WP 6.1, 
WP 5.1, 
HTML (for WWW-sites), 
(Adobe) Photoshop,
E-mailprogramms like Eudora and Nupop.

I can work on a Dos-machine and a Macintosh.
My typespeed is 189 touches p/m.

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