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************** PRESS RELEASE ***


Silja Symphony Stockholm <=> Helsinki

March 1997

this prize has been awarded to the joint winners:

Kaarina Katajisto and Irma Optimisti.

we were looking for work that 1. engaged directly with non
specific people 2. that was socially produced 3. created a
relationship between the participants and the author 4. took
place in a non specific location

Kaarina Katajisto: Feeling the Ferry, was a project, where
she engaged with people travelling on the ferry by
interviewing them and giving access to ship´s internal
tv-channel. The interviewed people enjoyed this possibility
of self expression, rarely granted within mainstream media
or the art environment.

Irma Optimisti: Female Mathematics, expressed most open form
of communication with the use of a technological interface.
Anyone on the ferry could analyze her/his mathematical
gender through algorithms. The interface itself was as
important as the personality of the artist. The action was
dialogic and expressed use of technology to communicate with
people without any specific goals.

Jury: Heath Bunting, Tapio Makela, Alexei Shulgin



************** REPORT ON SMART SHOW **************
Sailing in international waters between Helsinki and
Stockholm 20-23 March.

Silja Symphony one of the world's biggest cruise liners
which is equiped with a very large central shopping mall
promenade conference centre, saunas, swimming pools, night
clubs, bars and resturants.



"Smart Show is making waves this spring!" "Northern Europe's
most important and vibrant fair for international
contemporary art" "intention of bringing the Baltic art
scenes closer together." "our aim to create a dynamic site
for everyone engaged in contemporary art" "30 international
galleries, more than 25 site specific projects/performances,
and about 10 other exhibitors/projects will together make
Smart Show '97 to the biggest floating art fair ever."

The overal concept of placing art on a ship was good but the
final form was based on separatist methods.

The most rewarding part of the event was meeting people; the
art fair itself was based more on showing, showing off, and
trying to sell. Almost all interesting activity took place
between the separate art area and the rest of the ship.

Smart Show Cruise Competition March 1997, Helsinki, Finland.

Smart Show are pleased to inform you that you have been
selected to participate in an international competition to
win a luxury cruise on Silja Line between Helsinki and
Stockholm. during the Smart Show.

You will have full access to all facilities on the ship,
including sauna, jacuzzi, massage and disco.


1. Fill in your details below. 2. Compose a sentence of no
more than 30 words stating why you should cruise on Silja
Line. 3. Email both back to us.

Within 2 days you will know whether you are the lucky winner
of the most sought after culture experience on the Baltic.

The winning sentence will be chosen by a panel including:

The captain of the ferry, Laurie Anderson & Jari Sarasvuo.

Good luck.

ENTRY FORM ----------

POSTAL ADDRESS: CATCH PHRASE (no more than 30 words): Win
your Smart Cruise now! -- Smart Show Cruise Competition
Results March 1997, Helsinki, Finland.

After an overwhelming response to our catch phrase
competition, with responses from over 100 countries, we are
pleased to announce the winners as:

1st prize - Heath Bunting winning a VIP cruise on Silja line
with catch phrase:

"reality is stranger than fact - create dis-belief."

2nd prize - Kati Aberg wining a bottle of Champagne with
catch phrase:

"Silja - the art of arriving in fabulous places by sailing
on one."

Thank you for taking part.

Jari Sarasvuo.

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