vladimir muzhesky on Thu, 27 Mar 1997 15:52:48 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> "nettropics" has been launched

I am pleased to announce that "Nettropics" has finally been launched.  It
is a complex of mailing lists and digital worlds which supports alternative
discourses on the internet,  transpasses  personal cognitive limits and
provides a test field for bioelectronic mentalities by means of sharing
spurious processing memories on the internet.

For more information about the concept please refer to my article on
Nettime entitled: "Nettropics: immunities versus politics".  Here I would
like to share with you some considerations, reasons and what to a certain
extent can be called regulations.

Since the time when I posted my first article on psychotronics on the net
in the age of -tropic digital innocence: I checked all available search
engines -nothing on psychotronics or related topics, digital space of the
internet has become more and more neurospatially active:  one can find
dozens of thousands of entries now, many of them is not just texts but
videos, sonic sequences, announcements for psychotronic apps and so on.  

The revival of psychotronics in the digital space displays an interesting
shift in user mentality: on one hand there is a great demand for filling a
content gap, but on the other hand, there is a growing mental allergy for
traditional electronic conferences - if I would live in the beginning of
this century I would call it a revolutionary situation, however, it is just
a fractalization of net mentality, which requires now more complex and
spurious forms of electronically mediated interaction.  I don't want to be
misinterpreted here: I think forums are very useful, I just want to put a
question:  if so many electronic conferences look into the problem of what
can actually be a content in mutated multimediated semiotics, what are we
meanwhile discussing?

I would like to reflect here more precisely on the situation when the
actual content is at least partially merged with semiotic tools and engines
as it happens in hyperspace.  When the language itself becomes embodied
into routine codes of protocols, do we actually discuss something or do we
participate i informational recombination?  

When a slightest shift of the polarity in interpretation closer to
electronic environment turns any discussion on the internet into an absurd
act, there is a need for an alternative plane of immanence for digital
content, which would a priori posses a multipolar nature.  From the
neuroinformational research we know that spurious memories of neural nets
act as constituents of new languages.  We also know that this process is
analogous to that of chimerical patterns inherent in human dreams (when
people can firmly recognize fantastic cities as London, or Amsterdam,
etc.).  This phenomenon can be explained that during sleep the objects are
not classified and hence recognized, but on the contrary, the objects are
generated and the interpretation precedes the formation of a corresponding
chimerical image.

Henceforth, the structure of Nettropics, as much as it is intended to
support spurious representations and formation of new bioelectronic
mentalities, is derived specifically from the aforementioned neurocognitive
mechanism:  Nettropics is a mailing list (an established class) where
people post their spurious memories: dreams, altered, nootropic and border
experiences.  It can be of course interpreted as a certain transgression of
psychotherapy, and I find nothing bad in this interpretation, as much as
psychotherapy instrumentalizes subliminal.  However, I  started this
announcement with a psychotronic topic for a reason, and forgive me if I
repeat myself, but I would like to stress that digital space becomes
neuroactive, and this is were the content is being formed.  Think about
Greek "cosmos", a notion where space and essence are fused, which gave
birth to centuries of European philosophy.  In fact, a marxian analyst
concerned with the transformation of mental and economic resources would
mention here that Greece was on the crossway of trade routes, which
energized the space with resource relationship, well isn't  this statement
true for the internet?

The main purpose of Nettropics is very situational, in fact it is not more
of a mailing list then a situation of mailing:  under the conditions of
concentration of mental and economic resources there can be formed a plane
of immanence where new digital concepts can emerge and develop without any
direct genetic link to historical philosophy.  In the same way as Greek
philosophy started with spurious cosmogonic representations, digital
philosophy should go through Nettropics obscure discourses, which transpass
mental and cultural localities using internet as tool for global mental

In fact sharing the spurious representation of processing displayed in
dream imagery etc. can cause a formation of certain calculus hierarchies,
which we would like to anchor from the beginning on into the dormant ground
of  synthetic spaces.  Nettropics offers a server space for members to
upload synthetic sequences and objects, which can be used for further
investigation of spurious representations.  Hereby, I would like to
encourage specifically people who provide an objective content for the
internet in form of spatial and/or discursive concepts to join Nettropics
and post their extremely valuable spurious memories.   The spurious
memories of people involved in the following research areas and/or their
combinations seem to me of great importance as well:  Nootropics,
psychotronics, synthetic imagery, cognitive, informational, and
neuropharmacological interference.

In sum, we planned Nettropics as a neuroactive area on the internet with
the extensions into real world by means of multimedia technology.  The
information which follows concerns membership and proceedings.

Best regards,

Vladimir Muzhesky,
Nettropics Moderator


Subscription:  to subscribe send e-mail to 106352.243@compuserve.com with a
brief cover letter in the body.

Membership:  By sending a letter with a membership request,  candidates
agree to post ONLY spurious memories and avoid other ways of interaction. 
However, we provide several zones of meeting in synthetic spaces, where
members can talk with each other in real time while visiting the virtual
realm of the Basic Digital Survival Platform.  These url's will be given to
the members only.  For visitors and general public Nettropics will issue
monthly digest in HTML and VRML formats: both of them will be composed of
spurious discursive and spatial elements uploaded by members (more on this
in new member letter).

As much as Nettropics transpasses the idea of personality by means of
sharing spurious processing memories, we would like to be careful in
setting up the environment, in the beginning at least.  That is why,
although there are no limitations on membership, moderator committee will
preserve the right to terminate membership status or turn down membership

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