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<nettime> Re: Thingnyc Palace Konference

Thingnyc Palace Konference 



   "virtual reality is anything you do after a four vodka lunch."
                                         --Martini Heiddegger

                   Friday, March 28th, 6-8pm EST 
      Konference Themes: "Interpenetrating the Other" or 
         "Is there a Foundation for Digital Kulture?"

Here at THING WORLD! Moderated by Martini Heiddegger. Surprise guests! 

How to get there?

1. Download the Palace client software from http://www.thepalace.com

2. Download the latest edition of scenes for ThingWorld for PC or Mac .
Unzip and put the files in your Palace picture directory.

...or just connect and do it on the fly. 

3.Connect to THING WORLD. (Windows 3.* users need to start the Palace
manually and connect to the www.thing.net server from the File/Connect
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