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<nettime> nettime: interview with Jodi

a few precisions here, in regards to ada 'web.

in this interview, our favorite jodi stated:
"One of the central places now is
New York, the Adaweb, where more then ten people work. They have Jenny
Holzer and Lawrence Weiner as big names in their web sites with some
small works, but next to this they start this promotion of young
web.artists. We too are going to do a project there soon. It is all
without obligations and there are no deals, nothing is sold really.
That is why it is funny for us now to try to sell something ourselves.
The work we put on Adaweb we give them for free. We are not in the
position to ask for much at this moment. "
whether the transcript was erroneous, or whether some assumptions need to
be cleared, here is "the plain truth":

ada 'web invites artists to do projects on the web.  we invite established
artists and less established ones, and act as a "digital foundry", which
means that we collaborate with those artists to carry out the process of
the dialogue we have with them on to the net, as a project.  in addition,
we are happy to host a number of projects, produced elsewhere, by artists
who use the web as their primary medium.  we believe it is important to
keep a dialogue between those two "constituencies", as there seems to be a
lot of back and forth discrimination, between net and non-net artists.  at
ada 'web, we believe that this distinction is only dangerous, as it
indicates that the mastery of the medium is all what counts.  i can assert
that we are into proving that assumption wrong...
also, and even if this is not such an important thing:  ada 'web is not a
huge operation:  3 producers, 2 business people, and myself, the curator...

just thought i would clarify things a little.  also, we are very happy to
host jodi's %20Demo project, as well as point to other work they have
produced, in the same way we have been working with GroupZ for 2 years
now... and many more to come!

benjamin weil
curator, ada 'web /
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