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<nettime> PGP Media Sues NSI To Open the Domain Name Registration Market


New York, New York March 20, 1997

  PGP Media Sues To Open the
Domain Name Registration Market

PGP Media, Inc., d/b/a
(  ("PGP"),
announces  that  it has commenced an action in
Federal Court in New York City against Network
Solutions, Inc. ("NSI"), seeking, among other
things, to open access to the domain name
registration market to allow open, unrestricted
competition for the offering of Domain Name
registration under potentially limitless Shared
Top Level Domains.   PGP believes that the
Internet has long since become a vibrant and
maturing market in which certain de facto
monopolists, operating for profit, have been
allowed to flout the laws of the United States
and other countries which are expressly aimed at
preventing such conduct.  A copy of the
Complaint in that action is now available on
the web page referred to above.

          With the commencement  of  this  case,
 PGP  is  now accepting registrations of domain
names under an expansive list of Shared TLDs.
An initial registration under a TLD listed on
the web page may be made  for $10.
When,  as a result of the lawsuit or otherwise,
the names registered become universally
resolvable  and the PGP Name Servers become
"root," an additional charge of $15 will be
imposed to fully register the name for the first
full year of use following such universal
resolvability.   PGP intends to charge a $25
renewal fee for each subsequent year of use of
names registered through its registry.   In
addition, PGP iS also accepting suggestions for
additional Shared TLDs to be added to the PGP
Registry.  The fee which will be charged for
such additional Shared TLDs has not yet been
          For additional information regarding
the lawsuit or to receive regular updates,
please contact

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