John Hopkins on Thu, 20 Mar 1997 06:16:02 +0100 (MET)

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nettime: Text Work

At Geert's recommendation, I would like to make a request and make an offer
to all of you subscribing to nettime:


I and the volunteers who join me from the ranks of English-first language
nettimers (or English-as-second-language!) would like to function as
copy-readers for texts on nettime -- where someone has written an english
text and would like help in cleaning it up from a formal point-of-view.
This is not a translation service -- at least, I am not a qualified
translator -- I have been, in ages past, a newspaper
copy-reader/proof-reader, however, and would offer that service to you...
I have done this for the Media&Ethics conference and for countless other
papers and publications...  I do not proof to The Queens English, but to
North American standard English...


Anybody interested in helping me if there is a demand for this service...

At any rate, I see this as a possibility for those of you who do not have
the requisite English to get your texts up to publishable standards -- and
I see it as a chance for me to talk about your ideas more directly.  At the
moment I would like to limit this project to one paper a week as it can
take many hours to work on.


John Hopkins
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