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nettime: documenta X Kassel launches new dX website March 21

As I learned from the curator, "nettime" is among the projects featured on
the documenta-Website mentioned below. That means that you, yes *you*, too
are unknowingly a participant of this world-renowed art show, doesn´t it?


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Von:    "Documenta GmbH", INTERNET:info@documenta.de
Datum:  18.03.1997 21:43

Betreff:documenta X Kassel launches new dX website March 21

Press information
documenta X goes Internet
documenta X , reknowm exhibition of contemporary arts, introduces the
documenta X website on 21 March  1997.

For the first time in the history of  the documenta exhibitions a
"virtual" opening will take place before the exhibition opening on June
21 .
The documenta X website will be exhibition space to documenta web-art
projects, enclosing specially produced pieces as well as already
existing projects.
They are being put together within the framework of a thematic
conception worked out by the dX-curator responsible for web-art, Simon
Lamuniere in cooperation with the artistic director of documenta X,
Catherine David.
The projects will be developing dynamically on the net. Until the
closing of documenta X  on 28 September 1997, new elements will
constantly be added to the website. A main focus are the many and
diverse opportunities for "visitors" of the website to comment and

Of course there is a general information section on the central idea of
documenta X  and its history, as well as up-to-date information on
travel, accomodation, guided tours, the exhibition parcours and the
lecture series "100 days - 100 guests" .

The content of the website will be accessible also by visitors of
documenta X  in a designated exhibition area from 21 June 1997 on.
The realization of the project "documenta X  on Internet" is made
possible by the support of our sponsors IBM Informationssysteme GmbH and
SBK Software+Systeme GmbH.
While SBK in Kassel are responsible for the programming and central
technical project management, the Kassel branch of IBM furnishes the
necessary AIX computer technology.
Also, the PC department of IBM will provide the PCs and workstations
being used for artist's projects and the organization of documenta X.
An Internet access of 2 Mbit bandwidth is at the disposal of documenta X
by courtesy of the Deutsche Bahn sponsorship.
Documenta X wish to thank all enterprises and persons involved for their
commitment and constructive co-operation.

Maribel Koeniger
Tel +49 561 728 27 27
Fax +49 561 728 27 24

press office: press@documenta.de
general information: info@documenta.de
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