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nettime: Grand Arena

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>Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 16:19:58 +0200
>From: Smart Show '97 <>
>Subject: Grand Arena
>The artfair Smart Show (March 20 - 23) will be covered by the first issue of
>Grand Arena, the webzine for art and communication. For this event, Grand
>Arena will be divided into three parts:
>- The Live Room - a one hour live transmission from a debate at the ferry.
>Smart Coverage - We follow every event of interest at the Smart Show,
>continuously updated
>- C.A.N - (Critique Art Net) In-depth discussions on art, as well as ordinary
>gossip. C.A.N will be open to anyone to participate via e-mail.
>- The topics for C.A.N will be
>1) Chit-Chat Art - Bring your favorite art gossip out in the open
>2) Are there Frauds in Contemporary Art - Who can tell when fake is a medium
>3) License to Grill - What will the art critics position be on the net,
>any? None?
>4) What is netart? - Discussions on various art projects on the net, as well
>as the burning question: is there any art-legitimizes on the net?
>5) Changing Spaces - Changing Art. - Sitespecifity discussed from the point
>of the ferry.
>Join us as we join the Smart Show!
>A co-operation between Art Node ( and MUU.
>Supported by Spray
>For more information about Smart Show, please look at:

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