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nettime: Three Months Of Occupation

>Three Months Of Occupation: No Surrender And No Defeat!
>     Three months after the occupation of the Japanese
>ambassador's residence in Lima, the situation remains virtually
>unchanged. The government doesn't seem to desire a peaceful
>solution, in fact Fujimori continues to toy with the idea of a
>military solution. This endangers the lives of the people in the
>residence, and even more it threatens the lives of the hundreds,
>the thousands of political prisoners in Peru's jails.
>     This third month coincides with a Day of Solidarity for
>political prisoners all across the world on March 18th. Voz
>Rebelde is in solidarity with all political prisoners around the
>world, and we call on all revolutionary and progressive solidarity
>movements to mobilize for FREEDOM FOR ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS!
>     The Fujimori dictatorship is preventing a political and
>peaceful solution to the crisis which resulted from the residence
>occupation, instead it is creating the necessary conditions for a
>violent end which would sacrifice the lives of its own political,
>military, and economic partners. Therefore, we are calling on the
>international solidarity to organize demonstrations and
>mobilizations in front of Peruvian embassies and consulates. The
>goal should be to demand a political solution to the conflict
>published a list of prisoners who are ill. Under these difficult
>conditions, the political prisoners who are in the worst
>conditions re-started their hunger strike on February 25th. We are
>very concerned, because we know what the situation of malnutrition
>is like which these prisoners are already experiencing. So this
>hunger strike will certainly have serious consequences for the
>lives and health of the prisoners.
>     Despite a ban on visits and a tightening of the prison
>conditions, the prisoners are showing that they have NEITHER
>Voz Rebelde

>MRTA Solidarity Page:

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