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Mumia Abu-Jamal Censored Once Again!

New recordings produced by the Prison Radio Project, along with all Pacifica
programming, pulled from Pennsylvania radio stations.

        Moments before their scheduled airing, Temple University's WRTI-Jazz
FM radio station, along with twelve affliates in the state of Pennsylvania,
cancelled new commentaries by renowned death row journalists Mumia
Abu-Jamal, and all Pacifica programming. The recordings were to be aired on
Pacifica's cutting-edge daily public affairs program Democracy Now! starting
today, February 24, and running for the next two weeks.
        The latest censorship of Abul-Jamal echoes that of 1994, when
then-senator Robert Dole and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) forced
National Public Radio to cancel airing of Abu-Jamal's radio commentaries,
also produced by the Prison Radio Project, on All Things Considered. The FOP
has continually blocked any attempts to bring Abu-Jamal's voice or face to
the public, and have been actively advocating his execution.
        "Pacifica Radio believes that these actions violate the First
Admendment of the U.S. Constitution," said Patricia Scott, executive
director of Pacifica National News. "The ban on radio journalists is a clear
attempt to draw an iron curtain around Mumia and silence his poignant
criticism of conditions inside prison walls." Julie Drizen, executive
producer of Democracy Now!, stated: "It's politically motivated censorship,
pure and simple. The American public has a right to hear these commentaries
and make their own decisions. That's what it means to live in a democracy."
Noelle Hanrahan of the of the Prison Radio Project added, "Pensylvania would
not be able to kill with impunity if Abu-Jamal's voice was heard".
        This action is only the latest effort to silence the
internationally-known death row journalist. Abu-Jamal was disciplined in
1995 for the publication of his book, Live From Death Row. Recently, the
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has instituted a rule, popularly
known as the "Mumia Rule", that effectively bars media recording visits.

Call Julie Drizen at Democracy Now! Pacifica (202) 588-0988x315 to find out
whose playing Mumias commentaries in your area.

(flood them by fax, phone and e-mails)

Peter j. Liacouras, President                        Phone: 215-204-7405
Temple Univeristy                                    Fax: 215-204-5799
Berk St. at PArk, Sullivan Hall, Suite 200           E-mail:
Philadelphia, PA 19122

If you would like to be updated, please send us your name, e-mail and
snailmail address to:

Equal Justice West USA
c/o Noelle Hanrahan
558 Capp St.
SF, CA 94110

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