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nettime: conference announcement

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Betreff:conference announcement

Please forward this announcement to anybody you consider to be interested.

  * First European Conference on Internet Voting and Rating:   *
  *                                                            *
  * VOTING, RATING, ANNOTATION -                               *
  *                                                            *
  * 21st/22nd of April 1997 in Vienna, Austria                 *

This conference aims to bring together people working on future aspects of
computer mediated communications. Based on a study, which will be made
available to all participants before the conference, experts are invited to
make comments and present their own approaches. In a workshop we will
collaborate on common visions, metaphors, implementation and dissemination

The study 'Voting and Rating: Perspectives for information collection,
decision making and collaborative rating using Web4Groups' investigates
possible ways of 'rating' in computer-mediated communication (CMC)
processes. This refers both to rating activities in decision making
('voting') and to the rating of content ('rating' of web-pages, of
contributions to a discussion, etc.). The specific implementation of rating
and voting features in Web4Groups is examined in order to assess the
potential and feasability of computer supported rating.

The following experts are invited:
John December (New York, USA): The Matrix of Society and Technology in CMC;
Jakob Hummes (Sophia Antipolis, FR): Annotation Concepts;
Arnold B.Urken (New Jersey, USA): Voting Implementation Issues;
Miklos Irmay (Z=FCrich,CH): Information Quality in Science;
Steven L.Clift (USA): Minnesota E-Democracy;
... and many more will come!

                                  * * *

The conference is an activity of the EC funded *Web4Groups* project.
Web4Groups is an international initiative for setting up a global group
communication service by combining public and personal messaging tools
already commonly available and adding value by integrating group
communication facilities like joint editing, multilingual support, voting
and rating support, audiotex and fax gateway, etc.

With Web4Groups, it takes you only a mouse-click to give any real world
acitivity in which two or more people are involved a virtual place in

Try http://www.Web4Groups.at to access an early alfa release to get a first
impression! Web4Groups will have its first public presentation at the first
conference day.

                                  * * *

Find a preliminary program about the conference at:

The conference is organised by the

Austrian Academy of Sciences'
Research Unit for Socioeconomics
Baeckerstrasse 13, A-1010 Vienna
phone +43 1 51581 441, fax +43 1 51581 566

together with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
MTA SZTAKI, Computer and Automation Research Institute

                                  * * *


There is no conference fee.
Registration is necessary for receiving a copy of the study.
And it will make the planning of the conference easier!

Please register by e-mail or by fax:
Your name: .............................
E-Mail: ................................
Postal Address: ........................
Need support to find accomodation: yes/no

Send to:
Mrs. Sabine Benzer
email: benzer@oeaw.ac.at
fax: +43 1 515 81 566

We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna!

Rupert Schmutzer
Research Unit for Socioeconomics, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Postgasse 7/1/2 , A-1010 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-51581-578 (Fax: 566)
Email: Rupert.Schmutzer@oeaw.ac.at

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