ed phillips (by way of pit@contrib.de (Pit Schultz)) on Sun, 9 Mar 97 05:37 MET

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nettime: Whose goofy leftist?

"If you'll be my bodyguard, I'll be your long lost pal."

I've missed the food fight on the Well; I'm not a member. As a reader
of nettime, I've watched some of the wrangling through the refractions
of x-posting and rumor.

I understand, through rumor, that humble lower case edphil has come in
for some jibes.

Perhaps Well members can post x-posts somewhere so that those who are
receiving such jibes may at least see why their ears are turning red.

I'm posting on Electric Minds because it is an open forum and has the
potential for substantive discourse. Nettime is an excellent place to
publish an essay, but conferencing systems are good places to swap
information and references as well as hold conversations over time.

I've enjoyed Mark Stahlman's contributions on eminds, and i'm happy to
say that I have never accused him of "paranoia," a pathetic clinical
term. I have no use for such diagnostical bludgeons.

I have used Ricouer's term "hermeneutics of suspicion" ad nauseum to
describe Mark's efforts at a historiography of cybernetics. I wish him
the best in his writing efforts and look forward to his provocations
and turns at poking the "hot tub."

If my efforts at a "hermeneutics of retrieval" leave me open to
charges of naivete and/or brainwashing, then that is the risk of
taking the tack that I do. I'm plenty aware of the pitfalls of the
court poet. I don't work for GBN, yet. <g>

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