Matthew Smith on Fri, 7 Mar 97 16:35 MET

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Re: nettime: Flash!! WIRED is Looking for an Ideology!!


ive just been reading all these mails about fame, prosperity, ideology & 
ownership of messages on mailing lists, and a strange thought came over me...

why is so hard for many ppl 2 grasp the net as something -different- than 
magazined or telefones or tvs or radios? i find it strange that 
everything has 2 be kept in a specific form - "publish" on this list, 
"talk" on that list, or just spam in some newsgroups.

what makes nettime interesting in its own special way is the fact that 
these rules r broken all the time. like Mr. Hudson said earlier on, 
nobody on this list runs the messages through a spell checker or cares 
specially 4 grammatical mistakes. so why dont we just forget about 
splitting a list that actually worx well as it is, that lives (IMHO) from 
the diversity of its participants, and concentrate on "important" things...;)

about that WIRED stuff:

i have the feeling that real reason 4 its failure in going "public" (that 
phrase really pisses me off, there is nothing public about selling shares 
in a more or less closed market), lies in the fact that the ppl 
interested in WIRED r mostly middle class, white, male intellectuals that 
dont spend so much money on shares. on the other side, why should any 
company or bank invest in shares of a (mainly)magazine that is has, by 
now (IMHO) seen its best days. at least here in europe ppl have started 2 
lose interest in californian utopia, they r 2 buzy with their own - at 

(post this where ever u want, copy it on what u want, print it even in 
good ole gutenberg.format, if u feel like it - i dont care so much about 
OWNERSHIP - u can even have my cadillac below;)

лллллллллл\     				   /ллл/
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