Matthew Fuller on Fri, 7 Mar 97 14:09 MET

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Re: nettime: Flash!! WIRED is Looking for an Ideology!!

>So nettime posts are turning up on the well -- how curious. Perhaps
>someone should repost stuff from the well that discusses stuff
>from nettime, back on nettime. Then we can have a lively discussion of the
>well's 'you own your own words' policy...

Or even, start up some kind of trade-bloc war between a closed (The Well)
and a relatively open (Nettime) gift economy?
        Whilst I don't particularly fancy having a daily dose of bitching
on wired dumped into nettime - as critiquing / slagging this  magazine is
only really useful in terms of developing a keyhole through which wider
conflicts and developments can be viewed - some of the material arising
might be interesting.
        This reminds me that a friend mentioned, on returning from Imagina
in Monte Carlo, the difference in approach to sharing technical information
between US and other delegates to the conference.  The former would only
deliver set papers, whilst claimed >proprietary interests< demanded they
couldn't answer questions - eventually annoying other delegates to the
point of argument.  What was the point of them being their exhibit to
display their wares - as interlopers within a freer circuit of exchange?
Surely not?

In the end however, the only way one can ensure the non-leakage of precious
thoughts is to write stuff that is totally useless so that no-one will want
it - my prefered method - and one which is perhaps adopted as an extra
measure by the well in it's use of the grateful dead conference as a kind
of stealth cloak of dumbness?

C'mon Brucie, rip off the mask.  Reveal yourself to be the
anarcho-communist love-octopus that you truly are.  Otherwise I might just
upload a .gif of the cover of the UK edition of Involution Ocean - a sight
so gloriously rancourous that it blows even that disguise away.

So, is there a defector ready to leak some of those precious trade secrets?


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