Mark Stahlman (via RadioMail) on Thu, 6 Mar 97 23:52 MET

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nettime: Flash!! WIRED is Looking for an Ideology!!


This could be a hoax (but since I predicted it, naturally, I kinda doubt it
and he did say he was "serious" three times <g>).  

Kevin Kelly has just come on the "Goofy Leftists Sniping at WIRED" topic
#200 in the WELL's WIRED conference and started a contest to provide WIRED
with an ideology.  He says they have making it all up as they go along and
now need a "consistent" ideology which they can "recite every morning."

This WELL topic is somehow a part of the nettime family and it frequently
contains x-posts from this list -- including just reprinting Geert's
excellent piece about "Push" -- transported by the topic's owner, Bruce
Sterling (SciFi writer and a member of the "Hippie Trilateral Commission"
behind WIRED, the Global Business Network, as is Kelly).

I suspect that the WIRED editorial meltdown that we've been talking about
is now making a public appearance.  The only thing that Geert left out in
his "Push" piece is that this coverstory is the boomerrang of the WIRED
"Great Web Wipeout" story of last year.  They made great fun of the idea
that the Netscape version of the WEB was in trouble a year ago and, now, a
year later, they are admitting just that on the cover.  Talk about hoisting
yourself on your own petard.

The problem is that "Push" won't work either (which they must suspect) and
so they don't know what to do.  Kevin wants "two paragraph (max) ideology."

I suggested that they fire Louis Rosetto and then go counter-culture. 

Any other suggestions?  Post 'em here and I'm sure that Bruce will x-post
them there.  Maybe he'll even x-post Kevin's original plea.  That is unless
this *is* all a hoax, of course. <g>

Mark Stahlman
New Media Associates
New York City
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