Tilman Baumgaertel on Thu, 6 Mar 97 14:03 MET

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nettime: pushmedia


Here´s a little addition to the debate on the "Wired"-cover-story on "push
media". This week´s edition of the German business weekly
"Wirtschaftswoche" runs a covers story on "Webfunk"(Web broadcasting).
Inside are a lot of stories about how the net will replace television, an
interview with the CEO of the German branch of Microsoft Network, who tells
us that there will be "shows and stars on the internet" etceterablabla.

I was surprised how quickly this "Pushmedia"-thing travels, and would be
interested if there have been "Pushmedia-meme-sightings" in other
countries/media as well, if not via Nettime than as PM...


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