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nettime: Negotiating the Vanishing Borders

Call for Papers, Requesting Submissions for a Graduate
Student Conference at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC,
April 18-20, 1997, The Third Annual Cultural Cartographies III:
Negotiating the Vanishing Borders. Contemporary society is witnessing
the erasure of the traditional distinctions between high and mass
culture. How is T.S. Eliot perceived by a culture that values both
"surfing the net" and body piercing? As the once rigid distinction
between "high" and "low" culture fades and the appreciation for folk
and mass cultures increases, how do we negotiate the vanishing borders
of our cultural landscapes? Cultural Cartographies III will examine
the protean relations between mass culture and aesthetic production.
This conference encourages submissions from various disciplines and
theoretical and creative perspectives. It invites speculation on this
topic in aesthetic, social, ethnic, sexual, political, and historical
terms. Pertinent subjects include reception, the place of "high art"
in contemporary culture, appropriation/parody/subversion of "high
art," Third World negotiations of the concept of art, the politics of
publishing, and the study of subcultures, leisure, consumerism and
economics, ethnicity and multiculturalism, architecture, music,
internet, and the media. Please send or e-mail a detailed 1 page
abstract to: Lee Capps (jlcapps@unity.ncsu.edu) OR English Department,
Tompkins Hall, Box 8105, North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC
27695-8105 OR

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