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nettime: announce: secret EU documents, Seafair 97, 6th Flusser Symposium, geekgirl#9

push it.

-- Secret EU documents available on website / Felipe Rodriguez

-- SeaFair 97 - call / Melentie Pandilosvki

-- 6th International Vilém Flusser Symposium / Adele Eisenstein

-- geekgirl#9 *woof & doof* out now! / rosie x


From: Felipe Rodriquez <felipe@xs4all.nl>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 01:15:04 +0100 (MET)

Contrast: praktiese regelzaken


 Amsterdam, March 1, 1997


 Nel van Dijk, MEP for GroenLinks (NL), as of today will publish on the
 Internet a selection of documents drafted by the Dutch EU presidency for the
 Intergovernmental Conference (IGC).
 The location (URL) is http://www.xs4all.nl/~nelvdijk.
 The IGC is preparing the revision of the Treaty on the European Union, to be
 concludes at the Amsterdam Euro Summit coming June.
 The utterly confidential documents are the so-called non-papers, containing
 the Dutch Presidency's proposals for the revision of the Maastricht treaty.
 Two documents are published to start with, one on flexibility in the
 European Union and another on the extension of qualified majority voting in
 the council of ministers.
 In the coming days other documents will appear on Nel van Dijk's Internet site.

 Nel van Dijk:" Some days ago the media reported that the Dutch presidency
 had been criticized by other governments for going beyond the limits of
 openness. On a Internet server of a European research and developments
 program, CORDIS,(http://www.cordis.lu/dutch.html) the Dutch presidency in a
 special corner had published the minutes of a European working party on
 R & D. Well even that was too much for some. I cannot trace anymore the
 document that caused the uproar. Furtively deleted ?
 The documents that I publish concern the future of Europe and should be
 public. Secrecy in Europe, namely on Council level is that strict that the
 documents even are not entitled to a name, so they call them non-papers.
 I think interested citizens are entitled to know where we are heading. And
 what I read in the documents, is not exactly predicting much for democracy,
 however if they are accessible anyone can get to know them unfiltered and
 make up his /her minds.?"


Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 10:46:12 +0100
From: "Melentie Pandilovski" <mpandil@soros.org.mk>
Subject:  SeaFair 97 - call

SEAFair '97
CefCA  p SCCA  -  Skopje

Skopje 1997

The Center for Computer Arts
will premiere the

Skopje Electronic Arts Fair '97

SEAFair is the first manifestation of this kind on the Balkans, bringing
together International web artists, multimedia artists, media critics and
theorists, as well as the interested audience.
SEAFair is conceived to be a serial of international events,
exhibitions/video conferences, which will explore the creation and existing
of new media and electronic arts and venues.
SEAFair will at the same time serve as an international and intercultural
meeting point of arts and technologies.

The CefCA [Center for Computer Arts]
which acts within the frameworks of the
Soros Center for Contemporary Arts - Skopje
[web site http://www.soros.org.mk/scca.html]
will be updated frequently and will contain full information on these events