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Andy Caffrey wrote:
>         It is with great sadness that I'm passing on the latest on Judi's
> condition. This last Sunday at the Earth First! activist conference in LA,
> Alicia Little Tree, Judi's dear friend and personal assistant, announced
> that Judi is now experiencing liver failure and is bedridden 24 hours a
> day. She is not expected to make it past next week, and could very well die
> any day now. The disease progressed faster than was expected. She has two
> round the clock nurses now, and is surrounded by some of her closest
> friends. She has created her own ritual space and arrangements for dying at
> home. Her two daughters will be lovingly taken care of by many of the
> family's friends, and they will live with their father after Judi passes.
>         There's not much for any of us to do for her in a tangible sense,
> since everything is pretty well taken care of. It is now important for us
> to allow Judi the peace to die quietly at home with her closest friends and
> family members, undisturbed by the rest of us.
>         It is so very strange to write this to you now, knowing that my
> friend is about to die so tragically soon. I'm letting you know about this
> now, because Judi can still use your love and prayers, and the fund for her
> children can still use your financial help. You can send contributions to
> the Mendocino Environmental Center in Ukiah, California. I just got back in
> to town, and can't lay my hands on the specific details about the fund.
> Perhaps someone else can post that info. I believe it's the Judi Bari Trust
> Fund. But if you wrote a check to Judi Bari, I believe that would be fine
> too. I'll add the address and phone number for MEC at the end of this note.
>         I'm also writing to you now, because after she dies, I may not be
> up to posting something right away. I heard that there will be some kind of
> Memorial Service, and I believe that will be in Judi's home town of
> Willits. Again, call MEC for info.
>         BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, I'm writing to you now, because the next
> hearing in Judi and Darryl's law suit against the FBI will be this Friday
> in Oakland, CA. Everyone is hoping Judi will make it. So it will be the
> last time she's in Oakland, and if people in the area want to come out and
> show their support at the trial, that would be great. Everyone can also
> call your local press, and tell them to attend the hearing AND COVER THIS
>         I know it sounds crass, but the major press have all but ignored
> Judi's case, her last political battle, and one of her greatest gifts to us
> all. Perhaps her dying will get them to turn out finally. I think getting
> as much attention to her case and the horrors of the FBI assault on her and
> so many others, would be the best parting gift we could give to her. And
> continuing to support and draw attention to the case, and to FBI violence,
> would be the most meaningful way we can continue her legacy after she dies.
> The case will continue after she dies. Darryl Cherney is also a party to
> the suit. But the Bull Dog of the case won't be with us anymore.
>         And let us not forget Darryl, Karen Pickett, Peg Millett, Judi and
> Gary Ball at MEC, Alicia Little Tree, and the others who have been closest
> to Judi. It's so easy to forget these people who are giving so much to Judi
> in her last weeks and months. These people who love her dearly, and have
> given so much of themselves to Judi before, supporting her and attending to
> her needs, and PROTECTING HER from those who attacked her in the car
> bombing attempt to murder her in 1990. If you know these people, please do
> what you can to comfort them and thank them for their tireless loving
> support. I don't think many people are doing that yet.
>         If you don't know them, then send them your love and prayers, or
> send them a note. And for Judi and the rest, for all of us two-leggeds and
> our fellow Earthly species, please continue the fight for the Earth, the
> forests, for justice, and for the new ecological societies yearning to be
> born from our efforts.
>         Feel free to email me for more info. Later today I'll try to get
> the court info and any other info you might want to know. Then I'll post it
> ASAP. I'll also post the memorial service info when I hear about it. If
> someone finds out about it before me, I would very much appreciate receivng
> that info ASAP.
> Peace,
> Andy
> Judi Bari Trust Fund
> Mendocino Environmental Center
> 106 West Standley Street
> Ukiah, CA 95482
> (707) 468-1660
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for more info on the FBI assanation attempt on Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney
go to:

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