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Re: nettime: The cult of Tron

For the nomad, the desert is a haptic space,
that is to say it is ruled by tactile qualities, rather than by lines of
sight: "The same terms are used to describe ice deserts as sand deserts:
there is no line separating earth and sky; there is no intermediate
distance, no perspective or contour; visibility is limited; and yet there
is an extra-ordinarily fine topology that relies not on points or objects
but rather on haecceities, on sets of relations (winds, undulations of snow
or sand, the song of the sand or the creaking of the ice, the tactile
qualities of both)."

i like that, but dont forget about what pynchon said about the desert:
"The desert is the city in disguise"

what does the Guru of Nomadology, James Flint, say about that? or what 
about jimmy hendrix in VooDoo Chile "Im a 1000miles away, but im right 
here in ur picture frame.."
there is alot of prophecy & religious artefacts out there n cyberspaze & 
RealLife, more than meets the eye;)

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