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nettime: Winn Schwartau on Infowar at Electronic Frontiers Forum

Thursday, 27 February
6 p.m. PST
Winn Schwartau, in Electronic Frontiers


Winn Schwartau is a civilian authority on information security and
electronic privacy whose writings and research helped make the
previously classified subject of "infowar" one of the hottest subjects
of cyberspace discourse. Through his company, Interpact Inc., he
provides consultation services to industries and governments on
Information Warfare, enterprise information security, policy, hackers,
US and international policies and standards, electronic privacy and
related issues. His book, _Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic
Superhighway_ (Thunder's Mouth Press, 1994) is a thorough contemporary
analysis of personal privacy, economic and industrial espionage,
national security and defense. Schwartau calls for the creation of a
National Information Policy, a Constitution in Cyberspace, and an
Electronic Bill of Rights. He follows up on privacy progress and
examines the emerging issues in his sequel, "Information Warfare:
Cyberterrorist." Join Winn and host Jon Lebkowsky for a discussion of
the latest tactics in infowar.

Jon Lebkowsky         
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"I think the issues that really matter--who lives, who dies, and at what
these political questions are embodied in technoculture." -- Donna Haraway

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