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nettime: Opening event Public Netbase Media~Space!

Public Netbase ( is proud to announce the opening of
its new location Media~Space! in the Viennese Museumsquartier: 

Opening of Public Netbase Media~Space!
28. February 1997, 19:00 cet

Opening Speaker: Peter Lamborn Wilson (NY, USA) "Information Millennium"
Music and Performance: Pulsinger & Tunakan, Cheap Ent., Ligeia of the
Limbic System (USA)
Djax Up Label Tour,  22:00 cet 
Installations and Interventions:  Erwin Redl (USA, A), Brigitte Kowanz (A),
Franz Xaver (A), Lucia Mare (EC)

Live Netcast of the opening will be provided. For details check out

Public Netbase t0 is a not-for-profit internet service provider. It is an
internationally acclaimed content developer and runs an event and
information program in the Viennese Museumsquartier. 

Starting March 1997 Public Netbase will expand its services. More public
internet terminals will be accessible in our new location, presentations of
Austrian and international Media - and Network Art and a growing number of
lectures, workshops and training programs will be held at Media~Space!. 

Invited guests for 1997 include: Krystian Woznicki (D, JP), Erik Davis
(USA), Stelarc (AUS), Critical Art Ensemble (USA), GashGirl/Francesca da
Rimini (AUS), Association of Autonomous Astronauts (I, UK), Mark Dery
(USA), Ingo Gčnther (D, USA), Toshiya Ueno (JP), Linda Dement (AUS) and

Our weekly (e~scape lounge) and monthly multimedia events are netcasted
via cuseeme and realaudio technology, check it out at

Public Netbase is committed to the exploration of the relations between
culture and technology, art and society, science and politics. Its World
Wide Web Server has had 30 million virtual visitors from all over the world
and was awarded the Prix Ars Electronica 95. 


                  PUBLIC NETBASE
    Institute for New Culture Technologies/ t0

                    Museumsplatz 1
                A-1070 Wien/Vienna
               fon: ++ 43-1-522 18 34 
	   fax: ++ 43-1-522 50 58	
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