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nettime: Postel Disputes (Feb.8.97)


In reference to:

To the Editor:

In the article "Postel Disputes" (Feb.8.97) Azeem Azhar
describes registering domain names as travel agencies reserve
airline seats.  This is descriptive of the system which
Name.Space is developing and which was decsribed to Mr. Azhar
in his email interview with me.  I am astonished that Mr. Azhar
would knowingly publish such misleading information about Name.Space
as to allege that the Name.Space system will cause naming conflicts
on the internet.  This is not the case.  Name.Space is developing
an enhancement to the current domain name software enabling a
dynamcally updated, shared database in which independent, competing
registries can share all toplevel domains without conflict.

The issue of universal resolvability of the new toplevel domains
will be resolved in the coming months through antitrust actions
in the US courts.  Any proposal put forth by IAHC is just that--
a proposal. Without an international treaty, there can be no regulation
of domain name service or any other international market on the
internet.  Such an arrogance exhibited by IAHC and its participants
will not prevail--it would be as outrageous as if GATT or NAFTA
emerged from corporate boardrooms without the tediously negotiated
internatonal treaties that were necessary to give these
still conrtoversial treaties the life they currently have.

Name.Space is a privately held company developing services on the
internet.  it is odd that the Economist would demonize the entrepeneurial
practice of an upstart company bringing innovation to the virtual
marketplace.  And to condone Monopoly is even more surprising.  As
in any command economy, the monopoly stifles innovation by limiting
possibilities--its sedentary inertia prevents it from moving quickly
to develop new possibilities in the way that agile small companies
do.  Name.Space is one of these agile small companies with a desirable
service to offer an eager marketplace--as demonstrated by the
response of users who have tried the service and have
registered their names--all are looking forward to the universal
resolvability of their new names.  The day will come very soon.


Paul Garrin,
New York-Amsterdam-Helsinki-Berlin-Ljubljana-Rotterdam

Paul Garrin
11 East 4th Street
New York, N.Y. 10003
(212) 979 0642
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