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Re: nettime: [Fwd: rewired Zeit- name.space]

Gongrip is absolutely correct in his criticism of Garrin.  garrin sounds
like a european version of what domain name pirates eugene kashpurev and
others have been trying to do in the US.  Garrin can make all the domain
names that he wants but unless he gets the ten or so top level domain name
servers to use them, 99% of the internet will not be able to get to
them....  They simply will not work.  I do not deny all conspiracy
theories but the one about NSI and SIAC is wrong.  I have had excellent
sources telling me the details of the inside  of this for almost two
years.  Anyone who does business with garrin and expects in return to
receive a domain name that is valid through out the Internet is being
quite foolish.
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