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nettime: !: gathering of a neighboring tribe

>From cybercafe.org!heath Tue Feb  4 21:26:54 1997

Zurich, 5/2/1997
public utility - last informations 

>From 8 to 16 February Kombirama will be the scene of "public utility", an
event which will look at independent artistic experience and
non-institutional work connections, and for one week will provide a
platform for the various people, collectives, groups and exhibition room
projects working in Europe. "public utility" is intended to offer an
overview of work in the various countries and serve to generate
discussion on a range of topics which interest us in this connection. 

Our initial suggestions for topics are: 
- Critical presentations of individual projects, of the initiatives,
  subjects, work areas, objectives, motivations and the results achieved
  by the individual groups, projects and exhibition rooms.
- "Lessons in the history of art", prepared by different people/groups,
  who are approached in advance, looking back at particular interesting
  points in the recent history of art (60's, 70's, 80's and 90's),
  reflections on the respective approaches, re-interpretation,
  re-assessment, indicating developments. 
- Thematic blocks, input and discussion about he artist's view of
  her/himself, the role of artists, social goals/functions, relationship
  to the public: between being noticed and being included, solidarity and 
- And of course social events like excursion, bar, club visits and party.

public utility online:
Version 1.2 of infozone online-magazine on the Kombirama-Server is being
developed in parallel with the event "public utility", to be held on
8-16 February 1997. The objective is to document the whole project on the
Internet in this way, and thus to make accessible to interested groups
all the information, statements, discussions and experiences brought
together specially for this event. Public utility online comprises on the
one hand a record of the people, groups and projects taking part,
including links to other sites on the web and on the other hand
contributions of material relating to the topics discussed, such as texts,
statements, theses, lectures, records of discussions and a range of free
contributions which may arise during the course of the week in February
and shortly afterwards.

The exact address is: http://www.kombirama.ch/infozone/public_utility/. 

The following persons and groups have been invited to participate in
public utility. Hansruedi Fricker; Vaenci Stirnemann; Sous sol, Pauline
Boudry; Sous sol, Martine Anderfuhren; Erfrischungsraum, Bruno
Mueller-Meyer; Yvonne Volkart; Vor der Information, Yo Schmeiser; Vor der
Information, Simone Bader; Vor der Information, Richard Ferkl; Exitnet,
Caecilia Tripp; Jean-Christophe Rouyoux; Halle fuer Kunst e. V. Lueneburg,
Heike Munder; Inner City Tour Muenchen, Ingo Vetter; FrischmacherInnen,
Annette Weisser; FrischmacherInnen, Stefan Roemer; GLOBE, Simon Sheik;
STRIKE, Siraj Izhar; Ligert Galeria, Tibor Varnagy; Livia Paldi;
Nightwatch, Katalin Timar; Filiale Erben, Julia Mueller; Filiale Erben,
Claudia Mueller; Housing, Judith Ruzicka ; Housing, Ute Hoerner; Housing,
Mathias Antlfinger; Oberwelt e. V., Jens Hermann; Oberwelt e. V., Kurt
Grunow; Florian Zeyfang; Ulrike Kremeier; i.T.a., Giancarlo Norese;
Telephone gallery, Martin Lobell; Telephone gallery, Maria Bjurestam; Name
Diffusion, Marion Baruch; Ruth Noack; Judith Hopf; Fleche d'or cafe,
Deborah Weinstein; Fleche d'or cafe, Armeille Leturc; ASA european, Boris
Nieslony; Shedhalle, Marion von Osten; Shedhalle, Justin Hoffmann;
Shedhalle, Sylvia Kafehsy; Shedhalle, Renate Lorenz; Rutishauser/Kuhn,
Georg Rutishauser; Kombirama, Nadia Schneider; Kombirama, Marcus Maeder;
Kombirama, Peter Spillmann; Projektraum Hohlstrasse, Barbara Faessler;
urban motion, Daniel Jauslin; Mala, Roberto Paci Dalo, Akademie Isotrop.

Public utility is an open forum, the composition of the group will always

Start-Talk: Saturday 8 February, 18h to 20h at Kombirama,
169, CH-8005 Zurich.
Check-in Party: Saturday 8 February, 21h. Dancfloor at 5th level with
SheJ Viola, social listening, Bar and Chill-out at Kombirama.
>From 9 to 16 February daily meetings at 14h, 18h and 21h. The afternoons
are reserved for seminaries, talks and discussions. The nights are open
to public and reserved for project presentations and Bar and clubbing
later on. 
Excursion: Wednesday 12th of February. Clubbing with "Dein Club", 21h at
Check-out Party: Saturday 15 February, 21h. Uncontrolled atmosphere.
Final-Talk: Sunday 16 February, 14h at Kombirama.

Find actual and detailed information about seminaries, talks,
and presentations under

We organize privat accomodation for our invited guests. To coordinate
the available places, we need exact declaration of arrival dates and
duration of stay. Please send us this informations by e-mail or Fax. 

E-mail: spillmann@compuserve.com [???]
Fax number: 00411 272 48 62.

Phone: 0041 1 433 15 64
Fax: 0041 1 272 48 62
E-Mail: spillmann@compuserve.com
Address: Kombirama, Hardturmstrasse 169, 8005 Zurich
Phone (during the event): 0041 1 272 80 05
Web: http://www.kombirama.ch/infozone/public_utility

10 minutes from Zurich Main Station (Zurich HB) with Tramway Number 4,
direction "Werdhoeltzli", halt "Fischerweg"

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