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nettime: gashgirl: @join doll yoko

>From Tue Jan 28 03:22:19 1997
pps   -- the eview wiv doll yoko

@join doll yoko

You enter deep doll space zero.

doll yoko swims up from crater mud pond of dead girls. She places her
moss damp lips on yours and kisses you tenderly. Her pale hands perform
gentle inquisitions upon your fleshform as she haunts your imagination,
bruising your skin with her words.

gash ripped split bleeding slit
ice in her veins
totally fucked up on bad E
screen dump

<its over baby and you know it>

He fucks her as if she were already dead, shoving into her sweet rotting
mango flesh.

cunts smooth as mirrors reflect her terminal gaze
taking her silver blade she cuts a line
real fast       real slick      fresh young slit
mirror site tight

river boys wail: shes dying man, whos gonna kill us now? whos gonna
fuck our pretty corpses? whos gonna suck our cooling dicks?

genderfuckmebaby says: sex and sudden death is totally too boring

shu lea says: all animals are sad after fucking

orphan slut snarls: the only good slit is a dead slit - shut your slit
bitch and get on with it

petrol_hed says: boring sex life of an infidel

snakeboy retracts his forked tongue and keeps silent

profanity declares: laws are made by men who fuck their daughters yawns loudly

a pack of hungry ghosts hovers over the bridge of winter dreams

whispering: all history is pornography
whispering: trust no-one
whispering: to kill is to forget
whispering: a doll is forever
whispering: all women are ghosts and should rightly be feared

doll yoko, ghost girl tender and dirty,  claws her way out of ragged gash
skin. She slithers through the slit, translucent grey tentacles teasing
her momma's lips.

Eyes soft watering holes, ghost ponds, sad salty holes. Sour plum lips.
Octopus in her cunt, giving doll formidable grasp on human nature.

doll is the infinite spaciousness of zero, haunted by deep doll hunger
and the impossible.

eagles swooping over river, mountains surround

paper red lanterns line impossible narrow laneways

old man in bath-house peers through bamboo blind, touching himself to
luminous gaijin display

sailormoon softmoan pantyporn peepshow in every convenience store

cocks permanently soft with self disgust

mothers fuck sons while husbands go down on their daughters

incest to neon pain pachinko surround sound

pork fat pig piss demon stirs cauldron with shovel
doll baby born of charcoal demon in filthy ramen bar
on edge of floating world

she's a ghost but she doesn`t know it
damage courting danger

doll rides subway
seduces softskin school boys mangahard in prussian uniforms

she`s a 7-11 ghost girl,
a modern convenience

doll plays with wealthy wives who never suspect she`s a cunt
her exquisite stiff formed from the dreams of mad women

she`s a salary ghost
ghosting for a living

doll plays with crones` sagging sento bellies,
taking their wispy secret hair between her stay-sharp serrated teeth,
tugging insistently until the old women`s fingers stray, remembering the
dreaming the impossible

soft accidents, haunted fucks

holding breath

doll dives deep into snow pond

brown stem like forest mushroom held firmly in pale hand

blood sharp knife cuts oysters from luscious salty bed

sea demon doll hole sailor moon

slow surface

taste stempearls on moss

zero swallows one

one becomes three

demon eats ghost

ghost drinks moon

lips touch lips

skin codes skin

stemmoon in ghostgash again

deep doll space

a ghost never tires

and a doll is forever

haunt me

fuck me

again, and again
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