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nettime: Net Drug Discussion Treaty (fwd)

This just in from Europe. According to this translation, new treaty would
make it illegal to discuss *any* positive aspects of illegal drugs,
presumably including medical values?

Can this possibly be right. Are any Nettime members familiar with this
potential atrocity? It is getting any coverage in the conventional media?

>---------- Forwarded message ----------
>Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 20:04:02 +0100
>From: mario lap <>
>Subject: drug treaty
>The European Union is about to sign a new treaty on drugs.
>Now particular notice should be paid to an article of this treaty
>introducing the prohibition of incitement, advocacy or stimulation of drug
>use and production. (I have added the original french text and a brief
>In France where this particular article comes from it is therefore almost
>impossible to produce and disseminate unbiassed harm reduction prevention
>Now the article contains a specific sentence mentioning Internet as the
>major concern.
>I believe immediate action is to be taken before french and european
>government will make further steps down the road of taking away our freedom
>of expression
>mario lap
>drugtext foundation
>Article 8
>Les Etats membres s'engagent, dans le respect de leurs principes
>constitutionnels et des principes fondamentaux de leur droit national, a
>interdire et sanctionner, lorsque l'acte a ete commis intentionnellement,
>le fait d'inciter ou d'amener publiquement aubrui, par quelque moyen que ce
>soit a l'usage ou a la production illicites de produits stupefiants. Ils
>font preuve d'une particuliere vigilance en ce qui concerne l'usage fait
>des serveurs informatiques et particulierement Internet
>(draft english translation)
>Respecting the constitutional and fundamental national legal principles,
>the member states will prohibit and sanction, the incitement or public
>stimulation of the use or illegal production of drugs regardless of the
>means by which this is taking place. Notably a particular vigilance is
>necessary concerning the use of information servers and especially
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