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nettime: Censorship alert

Fellow Netizen

We want to encourage you to make a stand against censorship on the Net.
Read this message, pass it on, join our campaign.

The Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS) is being used to end the
free transmission of material on the internet. Originators of web material
are being encouraged to rate their sites and pages so that they may be
screened out by users and service providers who consider them offensive.

We are asking web sites to display the attached PICS free logo in
opposition to this attempt to control the internet for the following

It is the first step on the road to full certification (i.e. censorship) of
this new medium, where anyone who does not PICS-rate their Web site is
subject to moral opprobrium;

It takes judgement about what users are able to access on the internet out
of their hands and gives it to self-appointed moral guardians such as
ratings authorities and regulatory bodies;

It demands that the whole of the internet has to be oriented around the
protection of children.

Most importantly it assumes that ordinary people are too stupid or too weak
to assess for themselves what is presented to them.

Trust yourself and keep your site PICS Free.

Please add the logo and above text to your site. Alternatively paste the
HTML below into your home page for quickest results:

<A HREF="http://www.junius.co.uk/censorship/PICSfree.html">
<IMG SRC="http://www.junius.co.uk/censorship/images/pics-free-small.gif"
ALT="PICS Free Site" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=59 WIDTH=182></A>

Please email: censorship@www.junius.co.uk to be included on our list of
PICS free sites.

The Campaign for Internet Freedom
web: http://www.junius.co.uk/censorship/index.html
email: censorship@www.junius.co.uk

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Alessio Quarzo-Cerina
Qualitative socio-cultural research

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