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nettime: poem & announcement Web Site Story, the radio part.

                 A    B O D Y    O F     T E X T

        ( or: the perversion of loving theory on my screen)

content online gives up on little girl and leaves behind a howling boy small
small of face that disappears between the lines of words that explode 
into fragments of details and yet with no meaning that reaches the light
the light of day is split into narrow beams of radiant echoes echoes echoes
echoes of screaming so loud it is crying fountains of darkness
the darkness of a powerless child that must eat words for breakfast
poor little thing they say and so a hand touches and holds and tenderly loves
tender text tender thing tender bones of light metal and glass inside here
a tragedy this life a monstrous world but yet so full of sex it is astounding
the sex is in the text itself which makes me wet between my living legs
a body of text with content of the most complex kind creates saliva and wet
wet that drips and floods to wash us clean of a sinsitive alfabet fuck
fuck theory to show its potential fuck for creation of content for life

                  W E B      S I T E      S T O R Y

         (a love story about two worlds parted yet attracted)

Tonight the first emmission of the only dutch radio show that specializes in new media, art and theory will start on Radio Patapoe 97.2 FM Amsterdam aether only.
For all those that do not know: Radio Patapoe is a PIRATE station, so UNPLUG yr
cables. Your host miss U.Terribly will concentrate on intimate electronic and body exchanges as a personal obsession shared with the lot of you, yet TRUELY
important messages and events like the Hakim Bey Fanclub-report, BBS's in India
and insight into the mind of Cyberia's operations director Gene Teare for example will non the less dominate the SHOW. 
              Broadcasting time: 18.00-19.00 every monday.

People interested in cooperating in this radioshow or in need of extension of their voices reach can use jesis's emailadress for reply or mail Radio Patapoe
at            ptp@desk.nl.

                                wait for 
                    W E B     S I T E     S T O R Y
                              THE  MUSICAL


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