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nettime: Tacheles culture centre under attack


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends and companions,

Artistic search and confrontation are under attack, the right of autonomy
in art and of free space in society are being put into question by the
=46inance Ministry's actions.

As you might have been informed through the press, the TACHELES-grounds
have been offered to a private owner. Negotiations have been held for the
last 3 years under the auspices of the Senate for Culture in Berlin. At
short notice, a contract of lease by the potential investor, Fundus Fonds /
Jagdfeld was presented to the arthouse TACHELES on October, 22nd 1996.

Unfortunately the conditions they placed on the lease were unacceptable and
we had to refuse. Meanwhile TACHELES artists and organisors are now being
defamed as criminal squatters by the Ministry of Finance.

On October 31st we had an extensive debate with the new owner and the
Senate of Culture.
The negotiations were deemed difficult but constructive by all parties.

Today, we received a formal letter from the present owner, the government
of the
=46ederal Republic of Germany, through its Ministry of Finance. We are
requested to clear the house and leave the grounds by November 15th 1996.
An official threat of a clearance by special police squads has been
announced. By receipt of the letter we are ordered to close the house to
the public.

We won't do it. We won't even consider it.

On November 15th we are going to open the Hong Kong Festival, a project
sponsored by the Senate of Berlin and the government of Hong Kong.

We are not going to stop.

If you want to support us send a fax or an E-mail to the adresses listed below.
Send this note to all artists, friends and interested people you know.

Struggle with us for a better world today and tomorrow - where art is not asked
why it is.

TACHELES must remain as a free space for art and good ideas, for tolerance and
appreciation of democracy in the main city of Gemany!



Hr Radunski, Kultursenator (Senator of Culture)
Brunnenstr. 188-190
10119 Berlin
Fax 030/285 25 450

Hr Diepgen, Regierender B=FCrgermeister Berlins (First Mayor)
Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin
10111 Berlin
Fax 030/2401 3003

Hr Jagdfeld, Investor
Fundus Fonds Verwaltung GmbH
Gesch=E4ftsf=FChrender Gesellschafter (Company Manager)
Heidweg 20
52076 Aachen
Fax 0241/698 73

Hr Trendenburg, OFD Berlin (Ministry of Finance)
Fasanenstr. 87
10623 Berlin
F6ax 030/882 48 65

Hr Baumert, Baustadtr=E4tin Mitte
Alexanderplatz 1
10115 Berlin
Fax 030/24 70 27 99

Hr Zeller, B=FCrgermeister Berlin-Mitte (District Mayor)
Fax 030/24 70 27 99

Hr Hassemer, Partner f=FCr Berlin GmbH
Fax 030/231 00 066

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