Vuk Cosic on Thu, 7 Nov 96 02:17 MET

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nettime: zkp321 promo


Today at 11 am, at the Book Fair of Ljubljana the promotion of 
ZKP3.2.1 was held, together with new books of Arkzin (Zagreb, 
Croatia), and a CD-ROM by Annales (Koper, Slovenia).

This means that the book now exists also phisicaly, and that all the 
authors are invited to send me their snail adresses, and somehow 
they'll get their copies. The book is entirely at:

Also, some more copies will be available, and if other subscribers 
would like to have their copy I will be glad to find the way to send
it. A number of copies will also be sent to the V2 book shop.

Of course, you are invited to comment on it's contents, too.

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