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nettime: !: of(f) the w.w.web

of(f) the w.w.web cultural networks- network culture
Non commercial /collaborative Network CD-Rom for the European Media Art
Festival 1996 (Hybrid CD-Rom PC/Mac)

topics: Film, Video + MediaArt / Hypertext / network criticsm /
Hyperpolitics + Internetsociety / Lost in Hyperspace

of the w.w.web is the result of a chaotic, collective, production process:
groups dropped out, gave up in the face of the complexity of the material,
some attempted instead to create something themselves - also as a way of
denoting contrast to the collective Internet hype, (e.g. interviews with
older women about Internet and their own media socialisation).
Nevertheless, this compilation is an act of a permanent, (more or less
conscious), breaching of copyright - which could not really be considered
in any other way within the net: texts circulate within mailing lists,
which are to be understood as a pre-publishing medium, (e.g. Nettime),
occassionally a conscious anti-copyright declaration is issued/wanted by
the authors themselves, (this in any case from Pool-Processing, Florian
Cramer ...)

Our idea is, that perhaps other centres of publishing will start another
re-collection, re-organisation of specific online-projects!

The wishing machines aren't stuck in our heads, are not figments of the
imagination, but exist in the technical and social machines themselves.
(Gilles Deleuze; Felix Guattari)

Find the mistakes, the quotations, the misappropriatings ...
Copy the material, scan it, import it, work with it ... feedback!

Sponsored by EMAF, hei+co, A.M.I. (University of Hildesheim), and the
Special Research Section 240, from the DFG at the University of Gh Siegen.

information, preview, hotlist of participating projects, feedback:

orders (10 dm incl. shipping for central europe):

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