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nettime: The #Refresh Action Update
alexei shulgin on Tue, 1 Oct 96 17:27 MET

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nettime: The #Refresh Action Update

There are some changes in the procedure of joining Refresh.

    1. Check the Refresh thing at
    or http://sunsite.cs.msu.su/wwwart/fresh.htm
    or http://www.v2.nl/east/fresh.htm 
    (don't click, just look) 

    2. create your own Refresh-page, call it <http://[your server]/fresh.htm> 
    with two links on it:

        to a project description und current status page -
        <a href="http://sunsite.cs.msu.su/wwwart/refresh.htm">Refresh:
        Read and Join> </a>
        to your main page (optional).

    3. now you have 2 options:

    a. (garanteed) link it to a current next to Alexei's Refresh page (a page 
    comes after http://sunsite.cs.msu.su/wwwart/fresh.htm) by inserting 
    <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="10; URL=[next to Alexei's
    before the first html-tag of your Refresh page and emailing your Refresh
    page url to Alexei (easylife {AT} glas.apc.org),

    b. (challenging because we can't be responsible for people's good will) 
try to
    join it at any other node by inserting <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"
    CONTENT="10; URL=http://[Refresh page owner server]/fresh.htm"> and
    contacting owner of the previous Refresh page asking to change his/her
    Refresh link to your Refresh page. 


.....moscow wwwart centre......
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