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On November 3 1995 we started RADIO LADA internet radio on-demand in
the frame of LADA 95 L'Arte dell'Ascolto - 5th international festival of
radio and audio art in the electronic space.
It's a coproduction between Giardini Pensili (theatre company & media lab),
ORF Kunstradio and RAI Audiobox.
Radio Lada works with RealAudio software which allows realtime access.
In two directories (Linz and Rimini) already on-line contributions by
Robert Adrian X, G.X.Juppiter-Larsen, Sergio Messina, Nicolas Collins,
Marcello Sambati. In preparation, among the others: Giorgio Agamben,
Miljenko Jergovic, Cesare Lievi, Almamegretta, Jose' Munoz, Oreste Zevola.
Radio Lada is also planned to be used freely for music, theatre, media live
performances. Have a look to the url: and please
let us know what you think about. Suggestions, contributions, critics are

Pit Schultz asked me to introduce myself to everybody:

I'm a composer and theatre director. I founded in 1985 with Isabella
Bordoni 'Giardini Pensili'. In the last 10 years I produced several
projects in theatre, media, telecommunications, music,large scale
interactive installations...
I'm interested in the relationship between analog and digital worlds trying
to interrelate 'traditional' forms of art with present days network and
telematic praxis.
Among recent works: NODAS (premiered by the Kronos Quartet at the Wiener
Staatsoper 1993), MANY MANY VOICES (Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin
(ESC Graz / ORF Kunstradio 1994), AURORAS (Berlin Hebbel-Theater 1994).
In the frame of the HORIZONTAL RADIO project I was curator for the Mediterranean
Network. In REALTIME (Ars Electronica Preis 1994) I took care of the theatre
direction. I'm responsible for the 'Music & Media' department of the future
Rimini's 'Centro degli Agostiniani' (opening september 1996).
More infos of course at the above URL.

I'll be in A'dam & R'dam next January 18-21.

all the best
- Roberto Paci Dalo' <>

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