heath bunting on Wed, 27 Dec 95 20:40 MET

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pickin up nettime

hold tight nettime masive
happy hardcore email crew
the phone lines are going crazy
hold tight last mailer 
this goes out to you

yes selector !

hold tight the modem massive
hold tight <easylife@glas.apc.org>
big shout to <h430796@stud.u-szeged.hu>
hold tight on nettime@is.in-berlin.de
thats coming from <ati@glas.apc.org> to all the crew locked in now

the one the two

hold tight sexy girls like <dia@szocio.tgi.bme.hu>
hold tight the moderator <pit@contrib.de> inside
hold tight the <zack@europax.contrib.de> picking up all the berlin crew
hold tight myself <heath@cybercafe.org>

time to get on the case for the repost

hold tight last mailer who got bounced
hold tight the man like <geert@xs4all.nl>
hold tight the <Gomma@decoderbbs.csmtbo.mi.cnr.it> 
picking up all the .si crew
send this one out for <jed@phreak.intermedia.co.uk> with the 1996 shift
hold tight the ctheory crew

with the N the E the T the T the I the M the E

hold tight the engaged tone
hold tight <kathy@thing.or.at> picking up her siberia experience

absolutley wicked

hold tight you lot
hold tight the .jp crew picking us up
we are picking you up to
hold tight all the crew touching down at n5m2

techno techno techno

hold tight budapest
a shout for the east and the west
hold tight all the massive locked in about now
hold tight the nettime happy hardcore pressure
hold tight the lost posting
hold tight for this message
all the wicked pressure with the n.e.t.t.i.m.e.

typing pumpin keep bumblin

tty old school massive
hold tight if you like this text
the happy hardcore vibe inside
hold tight the mailer crew
if you want to get though - <nettime@is.in-berlin.de>

come on

hold tight the macintosh man
hold tight the pc fan
hold tight theory and news
the last one coming up

yes yes the text of nettime list
hold tight nettime massive on the server
the text of <heath@cybercafe.org>
this one goes out to everyone
this is the last one from <heath@cybercafe.org>
the <vuk@soros.e5.ijs.si> stepping up next