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Internet.Underground Guide

Internet.Underground Guide

After Press, Radio and TV, Internet is the new medium.
After alternative press, pirate radios and videozines, the underground

culture must play its fundamental role. This is a very special release
consisting of a really useful book of 80 pages (all in plain English),
aiming to be a tactical starting point for the people involved in the
wide-spreading alternative scene, and it comes with a unique mCD.
The book contains some explaining sections, a concrete effort to show the
Internet basics, and many resource sections, more than 50 pages dedicated
to consistent informations and strategical addresses (more than 1000),
displayed in a structured layout reflecting the man/machine interface's
The sound section consists of a mCD featuring a spontaneous database of
sounds, provided through the Internet wires by creative users, plus a
selection from some truly representative archives of sonic memory available
online. It's a collection of 200 sound samples, an incredible variety of
moods and sources from random corners of the globe.
The mCD includes also two ambient tracks by KL€NGE, played live on the
Internet through an ISDN connection.
Join the Net, connect yourself!

The book's explaining sections are:
Forewords, What's the Internet, Brief History, Internet Legends, How to
connect, Internet Tools, Internetwork guide, Internet providers
(suggestions and contacts), Glossary, References.

The book's resource sections are:
Activism, Art, Body, Books, Comics and Cartoon, Computer, Consciousness,
Conspiracy and Paranoia, Copyright and Privacy, Cyberpunk, Environment,
Games, Hacker, Health, Horror, Internet, Literature, Miscellanea, Movies,
Music, Occult, Rave, Science, Science Fiction, Sex, Techno-culture, Travel,
TV & Radio, UFO and Video.

artists: VV. AA.
title: Internet.Underground.Guide
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD028
format: book of 80 pages + mCD


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