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Is There a Future for Our Past?

Juri Albert

Is There a Future for Our Past?

Translated by STYLUS 2.0

So, in the field of art the top is already achieved. It is quite possible, that in Future years we shall see yet any good things, but is higher than  that we already saw -- will not be!

>From letters to brother Theo

In Future will take not all!

Ilya Kabakov

When we, artists writbout art about Future art or about art Future, that not same. First means, that there is something, that we name by art, and that at this art is Future, which can be discussed. In second case (and something prompts me, that it(he) is more probable) it is supposed, that in Future, probably, there will be something, too named by art, but it is absolutely not certain, that name as this word now, and we try to guess, that it will be. Z$Ej1hhat for guess it is better to go ahead by a back and to not let out from kind though Past, absolutely not to lose the way. Especially a magazine, authors of which unites just general(common) Past, and it, certainly, was an implicit theme of the previous numbers.

Thinking about everything it, suddenly with horror recollect, that the theme of this issue is our rtists, people of modern art, there will be the place in this new art, whether there is at us the chance on Future. I, for example, childhood dreamed to become the artist, drew, though and it is bad, pPaster heads and still lives, went on museums, acted in institute. And here, when I already have become grownup, was straightened out(found out), that the art is not more present and will not, and the fact, that will be, is connected to present(hereby) artX.JH=9hE5h}= e1=9|E5hnswering on questions museum, I have compared the artist to fish in pond. You see, as the fish cannot get out on coast, and the artist doomed to be inside art and is not capable to describe a situation from the outside, remaining artist. Is similar, now our pond dries up and comes into effect natural selection: or get out on land, or stay by the artist with all following (drying up) from here by consequences. Both variants not so cheerful, are not present any guarantees, but to disappear nowhere, I am necessary to adapt. Completely to be updated it is impossible, unique(sole) output(exit) -to remain double-breathing, amphibian, that is it is a little still by a fish. drag maximal Past in our Future.

Imagine present carvic+jE
o do(make) art instead of art, dexterously to be masked under artists, to speak to the spectators: " Know, here earlier there was the art. Well,, so it instead of him(it)... " And if we not mistaken with make-up, our Past has some chances in Future.

* Is for the first time published in magazine "Pastor," issue * 4, "Our Future ",

Cologne, 1994.