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Security through InSecurity


Security through InSecurity

Increase the level of paranoia.....
bombs in the metro.....bombs in Oklahoma......
bombs in the World Trade Center.....bombs in Mururoa.....
Who are the real terrorists?

Edam Salem, who was a key witness in the so called NYC terrorist
conspiracy, was a paid informant for the FBI (and was also working with the
FBI before the bombing of the WTC).  Salem was the one who set up a hidden
video camera and taped a "bomb making class" thereby entrapping the
participants when the secret tape was used as damning evidence, claiming
that the fertilizer and fuel oil bomb they were cooking up was meant for
the U.N., the Lincloln and Holland Tunnels, and the Federal Building in
Lower Manhattan.  Even though no bombs ever went off in any of those
locations, all were found guilty of sedition (through an obsure, 19th
century law not invoked since the American Civil War)....Muslim
Fundamentalist Terrorists.....that was the catchy phrase.  Enough to
inspire fear in the public....enough to convince them that the new
"anti-terrorist" laws are meant to "protect" them.

Was the US government (or at least the FBI) complicit in the so called
terrorist bombings?  If so, their strategy seems to be working.  The new
anti-terrorist laws recently passed seriously erode civil liberties and
bring the US closer to a police state.

The new laws provide increased police powers, surveillance of the general
population through use and development of technology and tactical training
for a growing number of police and military, in preparation for urban
warfare and counter terrorism operations.  What happened to the US
Constitution?  How did the government get the general public to accept
greater police control over their lives without provoking large-scale
revolt?  Create fear of terrorism and identify a defined enemy, and the
general public will give up privacy and civil liberties in favor of

Wheather the bombs are in the metro, Oklahoma, or in the Pacific atolls of
Polynesia--the bombs themselves merely fuel the real weapon:  FEAR.  A fear
that the ordinary suddenly becomes deadly....a fear which provokes
irrationality....a fear which begs for any cost.

The message of the state:  create a State of Insecurity in order to
establish Security--by any means.

Ask yourselves--is this what you want?

Paul Garrin
New York City
November 3, 1995

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