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Tommaso Tozzi on Fri, 5 Jan 96 18:52 MET

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Above you find the content of the "Stop French Nuclear Tests" home page 
realized by MediaFilter.
In that html page you can send an e-mail to many french government e-mail 
address to protest against Nuclear Tests.
The url address of the page is:


bye and good new year
Strano Network

>Stop French Nuclear Tests<

The French Government has been arrogantly showing its disregard for the
 planet and defying the will of the majority of the population by
exploding nuclear devices in the Pacific.

Voice your disapproval of this behavior by sending email to official 
Agenciesin France.  Tell them that we will not stand by 
silently while they causedestruction and wage psychological war by showing 
off their nuclear weapons.
Your message will appear on a public forum for others to read.
Share your thoughts and inspire other to participate in this global action.

Click on the "Submit" button when you have filled out all of the data.
Messages sent from this form will be posted publicly.
Please submit your message only once.
**Requires a valid email address**

Your messages are being sent via internet to 
French Government and Atomic research machines:

Atomic Energy Commission
 postmaster {AT} cea.fr
 roussel {AT} albert.cad.cea.fr

OECD Nuclear Energy
 postmaster {AT} nea.fr

Defense Ministry
 postmaster {AT} mindef.fr
 postmaster {AT} sga.fr

French Ministry of Culture 
 ministre {AT} culture.fr

Dr Bruno Oudet - Embassy of France, Wash DC
bao {AT} access.digex.net

French Government Research Machines:

root {AT} mururoa.imag.fr
root {AT} aye.inria.fr
root {AT} h2.cad.cea.fr
root {AT} aldebaran.sct.fr
postmaster {AT}  edf . fr

AdmiNet - info-centre about French authorities and public services

scherer {AT} ensmp.fr

The Leading French Newspaper, Le Monde
lemonde {AT} vtcom.fr

French Television Station
vtcom {AT} vtcom.fr