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Welcome to nettime


Welcome to the nettime mailing list!

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[Last updated on: Tue Oct 31  7:58:45 1995]

 is the official channel for the *ZK proceedings*,  
 a series of meetings bound to the need of a cultural
 politics of the nets, of non/electronic, internal 
 and international coordinated action, an open and 
 generous definition/exchange of desired information. 
 This list tries to bridge the gap between two 
 meetings, it is no place, table or city.
 ZKs_PAST: Spessart (Feb 95), Venice (Jun 95),
 Budapest (Oct 95)
 ZKs_FUTURE: Kassel (Dez 95), Amsterdam (Jan 96) 
 Ljubljana (Apr 96)
 >>  please use this list for announcements, essays, quotes, 
     shorts, references, hotlists, requests, receipts etc. 
 >>  if you are a new participant, please introduce
     yourself briefly.
 >>  this is a closed list and follows similar fuzzy rules
     like the ZK participation
 >>  for participants of the ZK meetings, and/or 
     involved in net.practise in the fields of art, 
     politics, technology, theory etc.
 >>  social filter, open channel, mail spreader
 >>  multilingual, net.pigeon
 >>  use is defined by the participants
 >>  low traffic, hi weight
 >>  unmoderated but no talk list
 >>  to send a message to all receipients write a msg to
 >>  to unsubscribe write a msg to
     with UNSUBSCRIBE NETTIME in the msg body.
 >>  for longer texts please do not use MIME attachement 
     and RTF but plain ascii
 >>  text published in this list are under 'anti-copyright',
     all use for commercial profits needs permission by 
     the authors
 send a msg to with
 in the msg body.
 to get help send a msg to 
 in the msg body.
 to get more help send a msg
 please send proposals&critique for 
 future versions of this info to