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<nettime> This is important to corporations that value their databases - data on clients, etc...

     [orig To:; orig From: 
      "Tarzian Search Consultants, Inc." 

This is important to corporations that value their databases - data on 
clients, etc...

Plus - too many in key positions failing to uphold the Constitution and 
protect United States' citizens and businesses. 1st Amendment, 6th 
Amendment and more...


Also - redirection of civil rights, especially the 6th amendment is up 
to ten years in prison or life if the victim dies.


Whom do I contact to file a formal complaint and initiate a legitimate 
investigation against the Office of ____ _______ as well as the 
Illinois Professional Regulators and ___ __________ of the Chicago Bar 
Association and Northwestern University Hospital as well as ____ ____ 
and ____ ______? Additionally, attorneys with the DOJ that were illegal 
in their actions include ___________ _______, _____ ________, ______ 
_________, ____ _____.

Please provide phone and name of the contact person. 

Thank you for your assistance. 

(Since this is under investigation please note that any who handle this 
email will be identified) 

The following provides some detail as to the negligence of ____ 
_______'s office

Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 05:40:44 -0800 (PST) 
From: "Wendy Tarzian" <>  Add to Address Book 
Subject: ___ _______ DOE FBI CIA Erroneous SDN listing  


(Parentheses inclusions amended to show evidence available) 


Having had your resume at _______, that also remained with them. Since 
I am able to show an _______ connection with each redirection of due 
process (documented - arrests without trials, records, falsified 
records etc.).  Additionally, multiple attorneys in ____ _______'s 
office failed to understand the Bill of Rights.  _______ has been 
interviewing attorneys for a corporate position, has _______ 
interviewed any in ____ _______'s office?  Or, has ______ ____ or ___ 
____ redirected due process (aside from using my name to recruit for 
their DC, NY and Chicago offices for more than two years without 
compensation - fax confirmations)?

Additionally, I originally was calling the police for the break-ins 
related to Northwestern (hard data stolen and damaged) and was also 
having computer problems.  My system was erroneously connected to the 
teragrid which accidentally exposed Argonne which then involved DOE. 
Since the state was positioning itself for the DOE deal with Argonne, 
is this the motive for the State's now very well documented redirection 
of due process?

Also, the SDN listing looks like it was run through University of 
Illinois and Argonne which would have involved redirection from the 
FBI.  I have documentation showing CIA redirection regarding allegiance 
to university versus state. The grid is suppose to be secured by DoD, 
the Naval Research employee surgery video (jpg of video available) left 
in my house from a break-in shows redirection of due process and cover-

As the spokesperson for ____ _______ you have a responsibility.  The 
documentation and pattern by you is a disgrace.  Does every state need 
to reduce itself to the level of ineptness that _______'s office has 

Tarzian Search Consultants, Inc.
401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200
Chicago, IL  60611
Phone:  312-867-0001
Fax:    312-867-0004

Now, for the follow-up - just in case you want to know why I contacted 

As noted, my system was incorrectly connected to the teragrid via 
Northwestern's portion of the grid (via a Lincoln Properties building - 
notified - refused to account for actions).  You'll find that most of 
the universities that were entrusted to secure these supercomputers 
failed to do so.  As a result, all confidential e-mails, archives, etc 
for the gov and their respective affiliations are now on the net free 
to access by anyone using a search engine.  This is very much like 
taking a picture of a person in public. I've been trying to secure 
correction for this matter.  

However, I've had interference and redirection from the state of 
Illinois, including having express lane gates open on me while driving 
55 mph (two different videos available). The latest is having oil added 
to my car's steering fluid. This doesn't include the copper and 
manganese toxicity (have been detoxing organically) and the redirection 
from the lab, tampered results and refusal to correct - multiple 
medical facilities (MRI & CAT scan confirmation). Also, my Brother MFC 
printer was hacked through so much via wireless that it was replaced 
free twice and they hacked through my HP via hard fax line - confirmed.

I would appreciate the military and whatever contractors and government 
entities erroneously involved to correct their error and hold to 
account the criminals that choose to expose the country and hurt 
innocent people. Plus, if this is a breach, which evidence shows it is, 
it would be putting troops in harms way. Perhaps too many politicians 
family members are involved to correct in a timely manner?

Quote regarding Argonne (to be used for conspiring to cover-up):  

?It is critical that the public and private sectors in Illinois work 
together to support Argonne as the location for this important new 
facility,? Gov. Blagojevich said. The task force he created is 
spearheaded by Argonne Director Hermann Grunder, University of Chicago 
President Don Randel and Jack Lavin, director of the Illinois 
Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. Other task force 
members include U.S. House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, Sen. Richard 
Durbin, Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, U.S. Rep. Judy Biggert, Illinois 
Coalition Chairman Samuel Skinner, University of Illinois President 
James Stukel and Northwestern University President Henry Bienen.,aid,115684,00.asp

Tarzian Search Consultants, Inc.
401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200
Chicago, IL  60611
Phone:  312-867-0001
Fax:    312-867-0004

Make an intelligent assessment - Request the evidence 

Should you wish for me to send you the supporting documentation, please 
send me your fax number  

Don't let this be the country that fails to account and yet demands 
accountability for others. That combination is dangerous.

* Look at what I've gone through and then look at the response.  What's 
happened to this country?

Tarzian Search Consultants, Inc.
401 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1200
Chicago, IL  60611

Phone:  312-867-0001

Fax:    312-867-0004

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