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<nettime> Zizek (the man & the movie)

This movie is really great. I saw a rough cut at the Brecht Forum in
NYC a couple of weeks ago, and it's really smart & fun. Laura Hanna
is next door as I type this tuning up the sound & color, so it should
be even better on Thursday. It's almost all SZ talking, with the help
of the brilliant & charming Astra Taylor - a real departure from that
tedious documentary style of talking heads and high seriousness.

>One night only!
>  Thursday, April 21, 8 pm
>"Zizek!" preview at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco. Q and A with
>Slavoj Zizek, Astra Taylor, and Laura Hanna to follow.
>Roxie Cinema
>  3117 16th St (at Valencia St)

The intro from the website: <>:

>"Zizek!" is a feature documentary exploring the eccentric
>personality and esoteric work of the "wild man of theory": the
>eminent Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek.
>"Zizek!" trails the thinker as he crisscrosses the globe, racing
>from New York City lecture halls, through the streets of Buenos
>Aires, and even stopping at home in Ljubljana, Slovenia. All the
>while Zizek obsessively reveals the invisible workings of ideology
>through his unique blend of Lacanian psychoanalysis, Marxism, and
>critique of pop culture. Never ceasing to observe the paradoxes that
>underpin our perception of reality, little goes untheorized over the
>course of the film, particularly Zizek's recurring themes --
>ideology, belief, revolution, and love. But Zizek is also unafraid
>to turn his critical gaze on himself, astutely analyzing his private
>life for the camera and contemplating on his conflicted relationship
>to his growing celebrity.
>Erudite and outrageous, mixing innovative animations with uncensored
>interviews, "Zizek!" is both an unforgettable lesson in philosophy
>and a compelling portrait of an intellectual maverick.
>"Zizek!" is the second feature length project of the Documentary
>Campaign, a non-profit working to combine progressive politics with
>artistic filmmaking, and was made in association with Hidden Driver
>Productions. Generous support was provided by the Canada Council for
>the Arts.


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