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<nettime> Everyday citizens being local online - request for examples

Next week I will be giving a speech titled, "Everyday Citizens:
Community Life in the Information Age."  I've been gathering interesting
local examples and plan to share them more widely as well.

The full announcement for this Minneapolis speech is here:

What I need are great examples for a promised handout.=20

I recently slapped up a wiki page on the use of the Internet in the UK
elections.  It took off <>, so
let's do that with this request as well.  I have about a dozen or more
previous submissions to add to this draft list, please join me as we
create a living list of where to look for local lessons in everyday
citizenship online.

Add links and descriptions from this page in the appropriate category
(feel free to add categories):

1 Block clubs and small areas
2 Neighborhoods and neighborhood organizations
3 Rural areas
4 City-wide citizen initiatives and forums
5 Schools and parent teacher associations
6 Service clubs using online tools extensively
7 Developing country examples
8 Local government planning sites with interactive mapping
9 Local government "e-democracy" efforts
10 Crime alerts, citizen watch
11 Local statistics, mapping
12 Local and mobile
13 Local e-advocacy with public interactivity
14 Local public official blogs or e-newsletters
15 Local blogger networks or RSS aggregation sites
16 Locally focused long-term blogs
17 Local citizen-based online journalism
18 Media-based locally focused online interactivity
19 Best local uses of Flickr
20 Best local uses of "folksonomy"
21 Commerical efforts covering many local places
22 Local interest Podcast
23 New or hopeful initiatives

Steven Clift

P.S. If you have a story not appropriate for the public wiki page, drop
me an e-mail:

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