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<nettime> Re: NEOIST WORLD Congress plus NEOIST WORLD'S FAIR - October 2005

A six minutes old reaction of monty cantsin? to news about the neoist world 
cecil touchon wrote:

> Dear prospective participant,
> You might have asked yourself many times: What is Neoism, and how can
> I become a Neoist? 

Dear conspirator,

Since the very beginning of Neoism (may 22nd, 2079, Akademgorod, where
it's always 6 o'clock, the great confusion rules, past, present and
future are not separated but everything happens simulataneosly at
once)we all know that everything is Neoism and everybody is Monty
Cantsin therefore we dont pose the above cuntish question, 

as a well informed Neoist citizen of the Neoist world you probably know
that the "what is neoism?" question is only employed today by the
Immigration Department of the USA as part of the general test and fill
out form for visitors at US borders, the USA remains the only country in
the Neoist world where you still have to prove that you are Monty
Cantsin or you get refused to enter into the cosmic urban eternity of
the USA, do you have your Akademgorod citizenship card by the way?

>The Neoist World's Fair now gives you the multiple opportunity to
>become a Neoist as well as a member of the International Post Dogmatist
>Group, The Fluxnexus, The International Society of Assemblage and
>Collage Artists and the Massurrealist Society of Mexico

I also would like to add to the list of opportunities the Complete
Idiot's Guide to Neoism, I guarantee you'll be all included in it!!!

>During October of 2005 (exact dates and times to be announced) both a
>World Festival of Neoism and a Conference about the present and future
>state of  this century's Neoist Art is taking place at the Conservatory
>of the The Ontological Museum

I'm glad to hear this and I definitely want to be there, but I propose
to change the subject of the Conference from the present and future
state of this century's Neoist Art to Neoist Revolution, and I propose
to the organizers to relocate the event to the Conservatory of the
Antilogical Museum
I'm really impressed that Neoism is so well protected by so many groups
and societies, hallelujah! 

>Everybody is kindly invited to compose, create and construct Neoist
>artworks, soundworks or performances. 

I hate to be kindly invited to compose and to create artworks, could you
please unkindly invite me to decompose and destroy all the works that
you'll compose and create

>Although it is in no way necessary to  know anything about Neoism in
>order to create Neoist (anti-)artworks or to proclaim a Neoist
>manifesto you might appreciate some basic  information on the

let's leave this bullshit out, fuck history, and fuck neoist
anti-artists as well,and stick your manifestos up you ass that might
eventually lead to the constipation of the art market

>In the year 2000, found abandoned and near death in a dumpster in
>Tepoztlan,  Mexico, Neoism was taken over by and absorbed into the the
>International  Post-Dogmtist Group (founded in 1987) as a subsidiary of
>the IPDG.

Finally some good news! Neoism is resurrected from its rotten and stinky
antibody! It was probably a dumpster of 6 o'clock accumulation from
which Neoists collect food, scrap and ideas, there are tons of these
kind of dumpsters all around the world in Surany, Baltimore, Montreal,
London, Chicoutimi, Debrecen, Novi Sad, Pittsburgh, Toronto,

> Neoism may or may not continue along its historical trajectory since
> it starts over  fresh on a daily basis.

I dont know about this historical trajectory thing, but neoism
definitely starts over fresh on an every six minutes basis, 

>If you want to take part in this Latin American based Neoist World's
>Fair in October of 2005 (exact dates and times to be announced) please
>fill  out this form and send it in (via e-mail or snail mail). 

well, sorry to say but this admission form thing sucks and I wont fill
it out, however I will definitely be part of the domino games, book
burnings and other revolutionary subvertainment events and the
contraspective title of my manifesto is: FUCK NEOISM REALLY HARD IN THE

your immortal friend
Monty Cantsin?

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