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<nettime> new book: Under Fire.2

Under Fire.2 explores the organization and representation of
contemporary armed conflict.This book, part of the project's second
phase, involves discussions between artists, theorists, scientists,
critics, activists, and journalists on a wide array of issues around
warfare and representation.The topics covered in this volume include the
militarization of urban space; architectures and ontologies of
targeting; cultures of suspicion; the epistemology of global
infrastructures; the exhibition of atrocity; panopticism and
disappearance; simulated and imagined constructions of territory; and
the corporate use of force.

Contributors include Ryan Bishop, Benjamin Bratton, David Campbell,
Gregory Clancey, James Der Derian, Madelaine Drohan, Paul N. Edwards,
Joy Garnett, Salwa Ghaly, Irving Goh, Stephen Graham, Chris Hables Gray,
Anahid Kassabian, Thomas Keenan, Mary Keller, Bracha Lichtenberg
Ettinger, Saba Mahmood, Antonio Monegal, Amir Parsa, John William
Phillips, Amit Rai, Harel Shapira, Radhika Subramaniam, Ananya Vajpeyi,
Ana Valdes, and Nabeel Ziad.

Under Fire.2: The Organization and Representation of Violence
Edited by Jordan Crandall

Rotterdam: Witte de With, 2005
ISBN 90-73362-65-2

Under Fire is a project by Jordan Crandall organized by Witte de With,
center for contemporary art, in collaboration with V2_Institute for the
Unstable Media, Rotterdam.  Looking at the forms of militarized agencies
that are emerging today, Under Fire attempts to understand the nature of
emergent power and the forms of resistance to it, situating cycles of
violence within the modalities of a global system.It looks at the role
that representations play as registers of symbolic meaning and as agents
of affective change -- exploring the ways that violence materializes as
both act and image.It probes into cultural imaginaries of conflict and
the deeper truths they may offer about collective identifications and
aggressions. Through this approach, Under Fire aims to construct a
discursive and affective terrain that can offer new insights into
symptomatic violence.

Witte de With, center for contemporary art, Witte de Withstraat 50,
3012 BR Rotterdam
t:. +31 (0)10 4110144, f: +31 (0)10 4117924, e-mail:,

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