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Re: <nettime> unix history


I think although it was not totally clear I am not conflating the two but 
going back to original sources. The problem of conflation occurs with the 
free as in speech brigade and not me - sorry for any confusion - it was there 
conflation not mine I was referring to.


On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 04:53 pm, Art McGee wrote:

> > I find many unix/linux histories dont do this and as such
> > seem to rewrite the history or gloss over things to fit
> > into the free as in speech ideology. The Oral History
> > really deals witht he basics of interactive communal
> > computing and the way the machine was developed in a way
> > these other sources don't touch.
> Hold up. Wait a minute. First of all, your conflation of the history of
> Unix with the history of Linux is very problematic.
> It's not Unix/Linux, but Unix and Linux.

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